The dog

The other day I was talking a walk in my neighborhood just to relax my mind. As I was walking I passed this strange looking house. There was overgrown grass everywhere as well as vines growing on the walls of the house. The place looked dark as if the sun had already went down. As I was just about to pass that yard a dog started barking. I stopped and looked because this house seemed like it was abounded. The dog was in a cage; it started banging the door of the cage however it couldn’t get out as it barked and barked until the owner came out of the house. It was an old man, he had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He looked at me and said “please move on you are upsetting my dog”. I stood there for a couple of seconds as my mind had just been fucked.
A few seconds later as I was very shocked I “moved on”; I continued with my walk but I couldn’t get what I had just experienced out of my mind. Why is this guy living in such a house? And why is that dog locked in a cage? 
The desperation in the eyes of that dog shows that it never interacts with other people besides its owner, and definitely it never interacts with other dogs. The desperation looked frighteningly dangerous, I am definitely sure that had the dog opened the door of that cage it would have attacked me. It was desperate to do something besides sitting in its cage. It was desperate to have a different experience, however it is literally trapped; literally.
That dog reminded me of a lot of people, all these people including myself we are desperate to live our dreams however we are trapped in systems which promised us “a better future”. Some people are constrained because of the lack of resources(mostly money) as they have been conditioned that they will never live their dreams without these resources or without being part of these systems. As much as this dog is literally trapped, people are equally trapped because what you believe in is very powerful; what you believe in takes over your mind.
Who knows how long has this dog been living in this mans system. It is possible that should it be taken out of that cage it would still live in that small space where the cage used to be and think it is still trapped. At this point it might think it is not trapped because living in a cage is normal to it.
All of us in the world we are trapped by some sort of system, we all have this “man” who has conditioned us to believe that we are not trapped, we cannot see or feel these traps because we have never been taught how to think independently. Everything we know was taught to us.
Imagine being released for the first time in your life, no system; no “man”. You have never learned anything besides sitting inside that system (cage). Everything you have done is something someone else has done before. Now you are free, the cage is open and you have the opportunity to leave. What would you do? Where would you go?
There is more out there, all we need to do is Dream and stop thinking of things which will stop us. We are not literally trapped; we just need to unlock our minds to new worlds, to new possibilities.
As I continued with my walk I said to myself “I should stop being that dog, I rather be the man!”…
Botlhale • Mos 
Motivate • Inspire • Teach



The 27th of April is supposed to be a day which brings joy in South Africa, however as the years pass we realise that we were sold a dream which is not materialising the way it was sold. We are still living in a divided society, a racial society and an unequal society. We are fazed with more and more uncertainty as politicians continues to battle for power.
Well many of us have figured out that we are just pawns in an unknown game…
Oppression still exists, during apartheid they discovered a new way of exploiting people. Other nations in the first world were already giving their people freedom. Slavery “ended” while globalisation began. Globalisation is a more lucrative system which requires all human beings to work for currency, and then spend the currency so that the oppressors can make more currency because they own the system.
They offered us “freedom” however they enslaved us through the “class system” which is a restrictor to those who can not afford. It also keeps us working AND THAT ALLOWS THE OPPRESSOR TO BE IN CONTROL OF THE SLAVE.
CLASS is a system which is used to dilute society. A tool which is used to discriminate without being racist. Class has allowed oppressors to be invincible, it has allowed people of different races and different backgrounds to be represented in different classes. Today it is difficult to spot the oppressor because different people can afford most things which previously were only afforded by the oppressor. However most people still live in poverty… the slaves. The working class.
Class is just one tool, the main tool which the oppressor uses is EDUCATION. Education is a system used by the oppressor to up skill us in lucrative fields. A tool which qualifies us to be slaves which are a bit upper in the “class system”. This is a very dangerous tool because it locks your mind into one discipline and you become a title; meaning that all you can do is your title… BE A DOCTOR.
The education system has become very popular in the world to an extent that people believe that the only way to become “successful” is to be “Educated”. The truth is that it just allows you to play the game designed by the oppressor.
One other major issue is OWNERSHIP. when the previous form of slavery ended we didn’t own anything. We do not have land to live in, to farm, to store water or to develop enterprises. The oppressors dispossessed us of everything we had. Slavery lasted for a long time where we lost our knowledge of the importance and the value of ownership. This is how the oppressors continue to own us. We can not afford to buy so we lease and we take on credit. 
… A game which our government didn’t know or knew they were getting us involved in. They helped the oppressor sell us fake freedom. Many years will pass until we develop into kings, kings which understand the game we are involved in. Kings which will control their own fate and the fate of others who will come after them. Because what we are living right now is Fake Freedom.
We are slaves to the modern world. The Law, Business systems. Education and the need to have currency to survive. All we need to do is unlearn what the white man has thought us and learn how our forefathers lived. We need to become the Famer once again. WE BECOME THE BOER, WE BECOME WEALTHY, WE BECOME FREE AND WE LIVE!
Botlhale Mos 
Living in a messed up world.


What the music did to the lady

I attended an amazing musical experience in a jazz club. The experience had conflicting emotional tones. It was sad but it was beautiful. It was beautiful but it was painful. It was painful but it was joyous… it was a crazy musical experience, it was genius!
As I was sitting there enjoying this experience and occasionally standing up to dance I was drawn to this beautiful old couple. It seemed like they were on a date. The man was white and the woman seemed Arabic, very beautiful couple. They enjoyed their meals and they shared a bottle of wine using one glass.
As I said the music was so amazing, the lady stood up and walked towards a group of people who were dancing, she joined as if a different spirit had just consumed her. Everyone started to observe her, as she danced her beauty started to illuminate and it filled up the venue. The old man watched her from his seat, he was so intrigued and charmed as if it was the first time he had saw her dance like that. After a couple of songs he stood up, walked towards the dancing crowd, towards her beautiful date and once they reunited on the dance floor the spirit took over the gentleman as well and they danced to this beautiful musical experience.
It was crazy… it was beautiful 
I thought to myself; “damn life is not a human experience, it is a spiritual experience” something so simple as sound, influences the human existence in an incredible way. It changes their entire existence because when the sound is present the spirit takes over the body and we do what we wouldn’t normally do with our bodies when the sound is not present. We become more of our true selves.
The importance of art in my existence is that it allows me to live, it allows me to feel it allows me to think it provokes me in so many ways. The presence of Art completes me. It is therapeutic.
It is a spiritual existence, therefore we need to keep nurturing the soul.

In the Jazz club 


Botlhale • Mos

Class is the new racism 

Borders of colour have fallen and they are continuing to fall all over the world. However at the same speed new borders are standing up to divide the human race, to deprive and restrict those outside certain classes. We have created the new racism and it is dressed up in class.
Resources are the key to everything in the modern world. And in the centre of these resources is money. It drives the global society, as it has the power to restrict people from movement, from food security, from water supply, from education, hygiene, shelter and everything else; because everything else also has a price tag.
Class has become the new unofficial form of discrimination. The best of everything is the most expensive and only the upper class can afford it. This is a form of discrimination because those who cannot afford cannot have access to the best of everything and they can not develop into “great” human beings who can one day work their way into the upper class. The system is trapping the lower class where they are and the consequences will punish future generations.
It is important that we act against inequality and redistribute the wealth because inequality is a tool of discrimination. It is a tool which creates extreme poverty, and “poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Ghandi 
Love… I can not say I love other human beings while I enjoy the best of everything while my neighbors are struggling to educate their children in a decent school., while they sleep hungry. I live in South Africa, probably the most unequal society in the world. A country with the worst societal displacement in the world. Black people here didn’t have to be moved to another continent. We were gathered into farms and the farms would have borders which restricted our movement. Our land was taken away from us by white rulers. 
Today apartheid is over, however black people do not own land to grow their own food, to store water, to raise life stock. To live. To own our land back we have to buy it back from the descendants of our rulers. With what should we buy it back with? We cannot afford to buy it back, it wasn’t even theirs in the first place. The constitution protects them because they wrote it. Black people in this country are basically trapped in apartheid structures. We are trapped in the lower class where we can not afford to have the best opportunities unless we indebt ourselves.
We are fucked up. We don’t love each other. We are the worst form of cannibalistic beasts which exist. 
Confrontation is the only way we can fight classicism. Give everyone the same resources and opportunities and let everyone decide how they want their future to look like. 
Freedom? Come on we are busy dreaming about things we cannot afford and there is no clear way of getting there. People work lifetimes to try and afford their dreams, and reality keeps slapping them in the face.
Act against classicism for the kids!
Botlhale • Mos 

Why are you not alive? 

Photo by Anatii 
Why do people want to fit into cultures instead of creating their own? 
Why are people afraid?
Are you afraid that you may not succeed? Or are you afraid that you may ?
Why are you obsessed with belonging within a specific group? 
Why are you afraid of accepting your differences ? Why do you change yourself to be part of a culture ?

Why don’t you teach people to accept you for who you are? 
When we were children we were taught that we are all unique… why don’t you live like you are? now that you are grown up?
Are you seriously going to die without being your true self? 
When are you going to learn how to think independently ?
If you were allowed to look the way you want and do what you love; how would you look and what would you do?

That life is possible! This life exists! 

Free from what exactly ?


In South Africa June 16 is a day of commemoration; commemorating the youth of 1976. They fought for quality  education, which was only educated to the superior white people of the apartheid era. They also fought to be educated in a language which they could understand. The youth of 1976 understood that the foundation of a Free life is based on the right education which will not trap them in the system of apartheid, in a system of being slaves!

It has been 40 years since this historical movement and from my observations the question is what are we free from exactly? The education system still teaches us how to be employees. Employees which earn so little that we are dependent on having good credit scores, so that we can lend, and lend and lend until our children inherit our debt.

It takes us so long to own things. We go to school on credit and we spend our adult lives paying back the fees including the interests. We take years to pay off our homes, cars, phones, clothes and other bills on top of all of that. Our people have been conditions to living like this. “Those who know how will always have a job, but those know why will always be the boss”,  these people who know why are the “slave masters” and they will do anything in their power to make sure that you never know the “why”.

I would like to address this ideology about “slave masters”. It is said that there are no slave masters, and that we are enslaving ourselves by thinking  that they exist. However how do you exist outside economic traps when you do not know that they exist? When you grow up only knowing of people who work for minimum wages while they do not even know who their boss is. If you only know your direct manager and you do not know the owner of the company you are working for; you are a slave of your ignorance. You are a slave to the business owner because they have distanced themselves so much that you do not know what the dynamics of the business are and how much the business makes. You will continue working hard and earning less than what your list of bills requires. You will depend on your credit score and therefore you are a slave. Some people who know all this information are still slaves.

It all boils down to the quality of education and what is taught within that quality. Education is a tool which is used to enable people. What we enable them to do will determine how they live. The youth of today is fighting for free quality education. The longer people continue paying for education the longer people will live in debt due to learning. I am continuously being convinced that higher education learning is not a good investment based on what it teaches and the amount it costs to learn that type of education.

The amount of people who consciously understand the social engineering we exist in are not enough to change all our lives. For more people to understand this engineering more people have to be educated. More people have to suffer, more people have to be restricted by some sort of human system and more people have to demand change.

Being an educated person doesn’t mean you have to be from some sort of school. Being an educated person means you have to have knowledge which you know how to use to change circumstances. We have to expose ourselves to knowledge.

Freedom is an ideology. I know I am a  slave of multiple human systems. The fact that I know makes me a dangerous slave to my masters. I am continuously defeating and creating systems so that one day I can say I am a free Man.

I believe we will only start working towards being free once quality education teaches effective entrepreneurship in every discipline of learning. Every person should be exposed to unlimited possibilities in their chosen field. People should not fall into a trap of employment, they should choose their preference, whether to be an employee or an employer.

“Once people said: Give me liberty or give me death. Now they say: Make me a slave, just pay me enough.” – Todd Garlington

  Enabling people in this way will allow people to choose a life they desire, not an engineered life. Education should afford access to everything; it should be the key the system claims it is.

Freedom is an individual perception because it means different things to different people; some people believe they are free…

Remembering the Youth of 1976.

Botlhale Mos



The lack of light, something evil, and or something dirty. To me it is simply who I am; it is the description of my skin color. I am African, I am a “Negro” and I am proud.

Human description according to color exists and it will never stop existing because of history, because of what segregation has done to Black humans. Negroes are trying to catch up to white people (Caucasians). There is a four century difference between Negroes and Caucasians because of slavery. The mentality has to be restored, before we can say we are all human, and not describe using color.

An achievement by a Negro has to be described as such. The color of the person is noted, this is because it is unlikely that a black human can achieve certain things like going to the moon. We are still oppressed and deprived because we are living according to Caucasian standards. When are we going to start determining standards and living as the human race? I believe that kind of life shall never exist. History stories explain why some races matter more than most, we are racist, and this started with the need to possess power. Humans travel and when they arrive in a placed where they are all over sudden more advanced they enslave the people from that region. For the past four hundred years Negroes fell victim to slavery. Greeks, Jews and Islamic people have been through segregation and racism.  Racism goes back before Christ; it is not always about skin color sometimes it is a tribal, a religious or just a matter of colonizing to possess power and resources.

Language can become an issue which can cause racial discrimination. In South Africa we still fight over the medium of instruction in schools. Post-apartheid the Afrikaans language is a reminder of oppression, it is what the youth of 1976 fought against and died. Language can even become a problem between Africans, this is where it becomes a tribal issue, a good example is the genocide in Rwanda, it was caused by cultural differences between Africans, and it developed other problems which escalated from the initial problem which was tribal; over a million African people died during that period.

Does our skin color have to emphasis the meaning of being a Negro? The repercussions of what happened hundreds of years ago still haunt us. Things happen for a reason and they cause a ripple effect. Countries throughout the world are shaped and scarred by our history. People live where they live today due to the decisions which were taken by colonizers, and people speak the languages which they speak due to the same reason. A native African does not speak French, Portuguese or Afrikaans. A native African speaks Swahili, Hausa and Setswana. It is difficult to own our pride back because of the complications which colonization caused.

Our ancestors were slaved away to America, our brothers and sisters are deprived of their identity; they are lost souls of the struggle for freedom. Today we tell ourselves that freedom comes through the mind. This is because we cannot be native anymore; we cannot experience what it is really like to be African. Our minds are chained up by capitalist systems which are depriving us from being human, which are depriving us from being African. All I know about Africa is that it looks black.

…Now has come the time when we as blacks must articulate what we want, and put it across to the white man, and from a position of strength begin to say: “Gentlemen, this is what we want. This is where you are and this is where we are, and this is what we want.”Steve Biko, I write what I like.

Consciousness is being aware of whom you are, and black consciousness is being aware of your native self. It is a mental problem which we are facing as the human race. We are not conscious. It is freedom time, it is time to demand our lives back from the system and try to be our native selves for the first time.

I am black, but I am still in the recreation of my Black consciousness.

Botlhale Mos.

Lets Talk Racism


Speaking about how Black human beings were treated in the past is controversial, and when someone speaks out people assume that you are racist or that you have not forgiven what happened in the past. I am Black and when a person especially a white a person makes me feel little or as if I am not worth anything, I find it within me that I have to educate and inspire people to speak out about their experience of segregation and about how they are feeling. segregation in different parts of the world has allowed humans to over power other humans; this mentality is still alive today because we never spoke out properly at the end of these periods of our existence. Bad things happened during this time and it is imperative that we speak about it so that we can live together as human beings, not as Black humans and white humans.

In South Africa Racism is still a problem, it was swept under the rug when apartheid ended, today people keep throwing hurtful comments towards other races. our inequality gap keeps opening old wounds about our past. Lets speck racism.






Being independent is being in a position where you are not relying on, or affected by something or someone else. Independence is a sense of true freedom, because you are able to fully control how you want to live your life. All the variables are dependent on you.

Self-sufficiency in terms of money is highly imperative for one to be independent. To control your life, you should not be dependent on someone for money because people only spend their money on someone if they have something to earn from affording you. Your independence will completely be dependent on you affording your decisions. Money is an imperative variable.

Space plays an important part to independence as well. It is important that one has their own household when they want to experience true freedom of independence. Your house your rules; it is a simple rule which parents use to make sure that their children follow their household rules.

The state of independence is a lonely place to be at, although you experience true freedom. Once a human experience independence they start to look for someone to be in a relationship with because they don’t want to experience loneliness. A relationship takes away an individual’s independence because once a human is in a relationship they make decisions which impact more than one human.

My view to independence is that we seek to stop depending on certain humans, only to start depending on others in new ways. Only a few humans are capable of allowing them to experience true freedom through independence. Life is interlinked and it requires dependency to grow. The transition of independence starts with an individual being dependent, then independent and it ends with them being dependable to someone else. It is life, it is a full circle.

Botlhale Mos.