Why are you not alive? 

Photo by Anatii 
Why do people want to fit into cultures instead of creating their own? 
Why are people afraid?
Are you afraid that you may not succeed? Or are you afraid that you may ?
Why are you obsessed with belonging within a specific group? 
Why are you afraid of accepting your differences ? Why do you change yourself to be part of a culture ?

Why don’t you teach people to accept you for who you are? 
When we were children we were taught that we are all unique… why don’t you live like you are? now that you are grown up?
Are you seriously going to die without being your true self? 
When are you going to learn how to think independently ?
If you were allowed to look the way you want and do what you love; how would you look and what would you do?

That life is possible! This life exists! 


Freedom comes through imagination and creation


Being able to show true feeling through language, fashion, appearance and lifestyle; that is being expressive. [Living according to yourself, speaking the way you want, wearing what you want, grooming yourself to look the way you want, as well as living and doing what you love].

The ability to be expressive shows the level of freedom which a person is able to experience. It is freedom of the mind which allows a person to imagine, to create and to live consciously.

Music, fashion, painting, cuisine, architecture and other forms of art are ways [activities] which human beings use to express themselves. I once said “art is the ability to imagine and create”, therefore anyone in any field can become an artist. They can express themselves through their work; that is if they imagine and create.

Education and the employment system are constrictions but necessities. They are constrictions because they can delay and sometimes they can stop human beings from thinking freely and doing what they want to do. Although at the same time they are necessary because the right subjects can allow a person to think a certain way and they can allow a person to do what they want to do through employment. This is because some dreams depend on education and employment; state presidency for instance.

When is the right time to stop existing through the education and the employment system, so that one can imagine, learn and discover by themselves?

Through interest and passion one can leave the system. If a 10 year old is sure that they want to become a shoe designer, they can leave the system and create a system which will allow them to become the designer they want to be. What is the point of learning history when the child could be learning how to sew? The child could learn about fabrics and about designing. The child could shadow a shoe designer and learn about the industry and how to keep relevant within the chosen market. The child could start discovering and failing from an early age. Imagine what kind of success the child could achieve by the age of 21, 35 and 50. “Education and the employment system are constrictions but necessities”.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imagine it” – George Lucas. I live like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. These men were free, they were themselves. They did what they loved every day. They lived according to themselves. They were dreamers; they imagined and created. They were expressive. If that is not happiness then there is no such thing as happiness.

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy” – The Cockle Bur

Botlhale Mosito