I keep wondering, “am I the only person who views society as robots except for those guys who create Sci-fi content?”. It is insane to me because most of what they create is actually happening in society, it is not futuristic or out of this world. Do people really observe the world they live in? I doubt it.
We are sold so much content through advertising, the internet and television. The terrible thing is that we are not choosing what to buy, we are buying everything. It seems like we are coded to behave in certain ways. Pop culture has really taken over the world.
I watched “irobort” the other day, and I saw the robots as human beings, one day we will all be commanded by one man, and so far it seems like Zuckerberg will be that man because he is coding us the best.
Ideas are sold to us daily through different streams of media and we buy them without thinking, the “bad” ideas are the easiest to buy because they look so “good” (fast food, porn, luxury, and insurance are just a few bad ideas). “Who ever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

Botlhale • Mos 
Just over thinking, maybe not.




As I place my glass of bubbly down. I am totally convinced that being “Black” has nothing to do with complexion; it is a mindset.
Complexion was a default which was used to identify who to train to be “black” and who to train to be “white”. I literally would love to sit down and have a conversation with the architects of apartheid and American slave mastery. What they did was genius because it was social engineering which will forever place the “black” man at a disadvantage against his white counterparts.
All I want more than anything in the world is to use the same method to elevate my “black” people. This method of engineering is proving to have generational repercussions. And that is all I want for my people, I want us to win and create generational wealth, exactly the same way slave masters did; the only difference is that we will use modern technics so that it can be politically correct.
My people started being wealthy, they had everything life had to offer. “White men” came and made them slaves because they offered everything men had to offer. They worked for free as slaves, then the system changed, now they work for wages so that they can buy from their slave masters to make them richer. Today they are beyond poor because they owe their masters, so basically what are they working for? To pay debt? They will never pay it off, because they use their pension funds to get credit. These people are still slaves, they were just changed to employees and slave masters to employers to make everything politically correct.
 “Black” people are conditioned to work. Employment is a big trend today, and I want to engineer my people to remember their roots of being trades men and women. Work for yourself by creating your passion and trade it when you want something else like money. In that way you will never be poor.
Pablo Picasso painted his passion, today it sells for millions, Jay Z raps his life today his music makes him millions. He doesn’t even work, he is just living his life and records it so that we can listen to how he lives it. Passion doesn’t count as work because you could do it for free anyways. Why is Art so expensive? 
The only reason why they are called black is because there is no light in the brain, they are clueless about life and therefore they are living dark poor lives. 
What do you love? Create it and sell it the shit out of it. That will be the day you realize that you are actually “White” because everyone will suddenly treat you like a white man, and you will realize that you are actually living like one.
Think about this. The reason why I say “Black” has nothing to do with complexion is because everyone who owns the system they are in doesn’t work. There is no employee which spends the whole day in restaurants. There is no employee which spends the whole day in shopping malls and definitely there is no employee that goes on random holidays, because employees are working and when they are not; they don’t have money to do that shit. We wouldn’t observe that because slave masters are no longer just “white”. Class is the new discriminator.
As I pick up my glass of bubbles, all I can say is observe society, and do what you love.
Botlhale Mos 
Saw the traps and been avoiding them ever since.

The dynamics of my culture 

 Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs, and societal behaviour of a particular people or society” As a “modern individual” I am constantly trying to define who I am; however I am constantly forced to define my culture which means I am forced to identify myself with a particular society to know who I am. 

Globalization has been defined as “The process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.”
Globalisation has been used as a tool of social engineering. When I get real with myself I cannot really identify myself with one society. I grew up moving from one place to another, I read books, watch stuff on TV and on the internet, I communicate with people around the world. Through all of these experiences I found that we have similar lifestyles, we have similar interests, we have similar education, we have similar religious beliefs and our politics are invested in one another so they are similar in many ways. I realized that we are similar human beings which have been engineered into a global culture. We are controlled by political leaders, religious leaders, and business leaders. These are the leaders who invest in the education system, the educational system being the tool which makes globalization work.
 This is the culture I live in, so Who am I really?
To truly find out who I am I need to travel back to “uncivilized” communities which my forefathers grew up and lived, the most interesting thing is that when I get there most of the time I would find people who are battling the dynamics of two cultures the “modern globalized culture” and their traditional culture. They try to fit in both societies. Because of this dilemma it is difficult to go back and track down my identity.
Globalization is interesting, it makes life “easy” it makes life “fun” and through generations we forget who we are. Globalisation is constantly changing, it is a culture which is variable to time, technology and education.
Who am I? I am a modern cultured person (I am globalized) because my traditional culture is diluted. As I learn each day, I become more complex, I become more offensive because others cannot relate as they are growing differently in a complex way. 
We live in a global culture but within that global culture there are micro cultures which also have micro cultures. We are complex but we want to be understood.
The only way to find out who we really are, we need to start time from the beginning and start doing things from scratch. However chances are that we will get to this point again because it is human nature to teach others and through teaching globalization occurs.
Those three main cultures create an unequal, unjust and complicated society.




Are you my Blesser?

A concept which has existed for centuries. A blesser is also known as a mentor.

We all want to grow in our fields of work, we want to be in positions which have more benefits, which will allow us to have influence in our industries and power over the people around us. This is why we want to climb the corporate ladder.
For us to be able to climb this ladder and be allowed to sit at the “big table” we have to be shown the ropes through grooming and someone advising us on how to handle our business. Someone with influence and power also has to advocate for us to be promoted to a higher level on the ladder. This someone is known as a mentor or a sponsor in the business world.
I come across so many people who are frustrated in their growth and the positions which they are serving in their work spaces. This frustration is created by the in ability to move up the ladder because there is a glass ceiling which needs a blesser to advocate for you to be on the other side of the ceiling.
Business has been conducted in this way since the beginning. The reason being that people do things to benefit themselves. We set people up for their desired success, in exchange for the influence we will have over them and to create a perception that we are personally good at what we do; to a point where we can make others good as well.
We live in hostile times, times where it is important to be good so that you can be recognized by a blesser to help you become a blesser to someone else. 

We cannot get far without being blessed, when the time comes and I ask “ARE YOU MY BLESSER?” you better say “Danm straight I am”. Because blessing me is blessing yourself at the same time.

Botlhale Mos