What the music did to the lady

I attended an amazing musical experience in a jazz club. The experience had conflicting emotional tones. It was sad but it was beautiful. It was beautiful but it was painful. It was painful but it was joyous… it was a crazy musical experience, it was genius!
As I was sitting there enjoying this experience and occasionally standing up to dance I was drawn to this beautiful old couple. It seemed like they were on a date. The man was white and the woman seemed Arabic, very beautiful couple. They enjoyed their meals and they shared a bottle of wine using one glass.
As I said the music was so amazing, the lady stood up and walked towards a group of people who were dancing, she joined as if a different spirit had just consumed her. Everyone started to observe her, as she danced her beauty started to illuminate and it filled up the venue. The old man watched her from his seat, he was so intrigued and charmed as if it was the first time he had saw her dance like that. After a couple of songs he stood up, walked towards the dancing crowd, towards her beautiful date and once they reunited on the dance floor the spirit took over the gentleman as well and they danced to this beautiful musical experience.
It was crazy… it was beautiful 
I thought to myself; “damn life is not a human experience, it is a spiritual experience” something so simple as sound, influences the human existence in an incredible way. It changes their entire existence because when the sound is present the spirit takes over the body and we do what we wouldn’t normally do with our bodies when the sound is not present. We become more of our true selves.
The importance of art in my existence is that it allows me to live, it allows me to feel it allows me to think it provokes me in so many ways. The presence of Art completes me. It is therapeutic.
It is a spiritual existence, therefore we need to keep nurturing the soul.

In the Jazz club 



Botlhale • Mos

Motivated but not inspired

I am stuck in between mountains of granite. I am motivated to do stuff, to work on stuff to create stuff, but the inspiration to do really cool staff is not there. The passion is lacking. I believe that if I cannot create my best work every time, I should not bother because I do not associate myself with mediocre. Indeed it has been a really long year. It has been a great year. And I think it is time to close it… a month early.
I read a post on Facebook the other day, and the person was asking; “why are geniuses suffering from mental illnesses ?” This question has been bothering me ever since.
I think a lot of people who consider themselves as geniuses such as myself, suffer silently from mental illnesses. We think of great stuff but we sometimes cannot complete the thought which allows us to create. We have these amazing concepts stuck in our brains, and we are unable to translate them in any way. We cannot even explain them to anyone in a way which will make perfect sense so that they can help us create. We need to learn how to stop, reflect and find new inspiration.
A year ago I diagnosed myself with depression, I had been suffering for six months before I diagnosed myself. I suffered for a further five or so more months. I chose not to see any doctor because they will not understand something I cannot explain about myself to myself. I therefore rehabilitated myself through finding myself and doing what I love. Depression has no cure, We manage it because it is very easy to regress and fall into a psychiatric state.
Therefore after sharing a bit of my privacy. I would like to stop and end my year early. For growth and reinvention, I need to stop and unlock myself. “If bread is the first necessity of life, then recreation is a close second” – Edward Bellamy 
With Love… Thank you for your support. Thank you for allowing me to motivate, inspire & teach. Please allow me to be motivated, inspired and to be taught so that I can come back and do what I love.




Purist V.S populist

What is more important to you? The quality of the art, or the fame which may come because of the art? What are you as an artist willing to satisfy? The art or the people? “You have to be respectful of popular culture, because people interpret it in the way they want ” – Jaleel White.

Ideally an artist would work on the craft, make sure that it is really good and that the people will appreciate it for what it is. And be optimistic that the art will be popular as it would be a great body of work.

Every person finds different things to be artistic. What art connoisseurs may believe is the true definition of art, the majority of people may not see the artistic aspect. I regularly define Art as the ability to imagine and create. This definition creates open ended Possibilities of creations, and it doesn’t allow anyone to decide what art can be.

This whole idea is more of a contradiction than anything else. Through the unlimited possibilities we have to assume that every piece of art was made with a pure intension  and it happened that the piece of work became popular. It is natural for any living creature to keep doing what works, and when one does that with a new form of work it is observed as a populist action. In terms of music; jazz was once observed as popular music, today it is observed as “art”. Over ten years ago pop music was a form of art which couldn’t be given a proper name, and it was decided on that it will be called popular music (pop music). Today dub step is whats popular and “pop music” is regarded as art because more than one artist has achieved amazing things recognised by the music industry through the art form, things like winning Grammy awards and selling out world tours.

This debate is based on understanding that time moves forward and everything will evolve in the process. Art is created with presently available resources, humans innovate daily, new technologies evolve art and some generations will always be left behind because of the lack of understanding. Art galleries are losing business because, “purists” are not willing to evolve. People moved from galleries, to graffiti in the streets and now we are on digital. It is becoming easier and easier to showcase work, and this is sparking debated about legitimacy of artists and their work. 

At the end of the day, every artist wants their work to be appreciated for what it is and they would love to be paid artists. Artists are the only ones who can decide whether they are purists or populists. This decision will allow an artist  to determine whether they will be alright with being underpaid or over rated. Although what an artist doesn’t want is to be underpaid and underrated at the same time because that will definitely mean that they are doing something wrong. The ideal position to be in is to be well paid and rated, and that is unusual.

Art is an expression of human feelings, these expressions are translated into physical objects, sounds, movements and visuals. For one to appreciate this art they have to compensate the artist because it takes time and hard work to to translate these expressions.

Popularity is a direct result of pure work. One can not start as a populist. They have to create work, which is original so that they can be recognized. Then one can become a pop culture icon.

Amadeus Mozart and lady Gaga; one and the same thing?

Botlhale. Mos