A letter to a…

I fought so many feelings I had for you and agreed to be in a friend zone with you because we both thought we would be friends forever. I was afraid to date you because I knew that once we date we would be at a risk of losing each other forever. That was the most stupid thing we did together because we lost each other either way as we grew apart.
We never learned how to love each other at a distance and now it is not the same anymore; even when we meet you seem strange as if I never knew you.
We used to talk everyday and we didn’t run out of things to talk about. We were natural as if we had known each other since birth. We found truth in each other, only to realise today that our truth was based on deceiving ourselves… in my perspective anyways.
Love? Yes I loved you, I couldn’t be apart from you, all the time we didn’t share tortured me; all I wanted was to spend as much time with you as possible. 

We both felt the same love, we both didn’t act on it. We lost each other. I thought our story would receive a movie ending, but we both know how it ended.
I don’t regret our choices; I just have that “What if?” Pacing in my consciousness. I really hope you are doing well because I really miss you.
With love 
Your old…

Inspired by a romcom ​