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Together we are stronger

“Living together” was the theme last night at the Nelson Mandela lecture”. I would like to reblog this piece called “Together we are stronger”, it gives perspectives in working together which will enable us to live together.

We are one.
Happy Mandela day

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Theory says we perform at a more efficient rate together than when we are performing alone. We are able to do things faster and more accurately, well it is a theory. Some people do believe that they work better alone but if we look at most things in life it would be far more difficult to achieve those things if they were done by an individual. Take the pyramids for instance, today we are still not sure how the Egyptians were able to build the pyramids back when the technology was not available, but for the fact that they exist it means the technology was available. It required manual labor even though it was in a form of slavery it took unity to create such a wonderful peace of architecture.

“We’re all only fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make” – Jerry Ellis. To achieve greatness we have to…

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Who should we empower

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Our societies are having empowerment inequalities, which reflect in our homes, in working environments and in social environments. We are faced with women creating programs which are aimed at empowering young girls to succeed in different aspects of life. This is great for women because they were previously disadvantaged; however empowerment should be balanced to prevent having empowered women without empowered men to compliment them in the future.

Back in the day’s father’s groomed their boys to be empowered men. Less effort was placed on girls. During those times girls spent most of their time with their mothers, to absorb domestication. That time should have also been used to empower young girls to be more ambitious and not only depend on men. The relationship between mothers and girls was like that for many generations; hence the mothers never communicated the aspirations they had for their girls to their husbands. The…

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Freedom of Sexuality

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A lot of women endure a lot of pain just because they are women, they do not enjoy the respect they deserve. Even if they can work very hard they will never have the opportunity of being opinionated, of making decisions and being free. They become slaves to the men in their lives.

At the same time a lot of men do not have the respect they deserve because they are not muscular enough, tall enough or because they do not earn enough money. They suffer abuse from the women in their lives. Their stories are not exposed to the world because it is “embarrassing ” to talk about it or report the abuse.

Society respects an idea which the majority of the people agree to. Sexuality is a topic which people consider to be controversial because…

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It is impossible for a human being to be 100% objective even when all the information is afforded. Subjectivity will influence a person based on the level of impact the objective decision will cause. Our emotions make us human beings and the ability to control subjectivity distinguishes followers from Leaders.

Making objective decisions takes courage, these types of decision in politics are capable of changing lives.

On that note; President of the Republic of South Africa; president Zuma is playing chess. He knows what he has done and he knows what is supposed to happen as a consequence. The president decided to be subjective and use his power. He has the numbers which will back him up no matter how bad it will look.

If the President decided to make an objective decision, he would have stepped down. However what would the impact be on the African National Congress (ANC)? The stepping down of the president would afford opposition parties more ammunition to discredit the Party. That would potentially cause more harm than making the subjective decision of continuing as President and affording time to allow the people to forget.

FACT: the ANC knows that people are still subjective about opposition parties. The country is still battling economic inequality and racism. The chance of them losing the elections is unlikely. The people care about the ANC because that is the party which took them out of the apartheid  era. Politics is a game of numbers; and in chess numbers can afford you to protect the king if you make the right moves.

Objectivity challenges morals, and politics has no room for morals. The 1st world is where it is due to unethical leadership. When opposition parties asked the President of South Africa to make an objective decision immediately after the judgment of the Chief justice, the president and the top six of the ANC took more than 24 hours to think of a subjective solution which will keep the president in power and cause confusion. The Chief justice said the president broke his oath of office, that is not vague at all.

Fact: any political party which may govern the country or even a municipal will be corrupt. We have more than 5 multinational auditing firms operating in South Africa and they employ the smartest people around but they cannot stop the corruption. Corruption is not done in the books, it is untraceable, check individuals and you will be shocked.

What are we actually fighting for?
The removal of Zuma? Or The removal of the ANC?

How many people are prepared to make an objective decision? What is the objective decision?

Can a human being make a decision without being subjective?

I dare you to be a leader and make an objective decision. We are free right?


Botlhale Mos


Ethical Leadership


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Good Leadership is a characteristic of integrity. A leader will always do the right things no matter who is observing. The difference between right and wrong can be noted from the feeling you get after doing an activity.

Truth to yourself and to your followers represents the integrity you have as a leader. A truthful person will not twist laws to suit them. They will unconditionally admit when they are wrong; and they will rectify their mistake without being forced to.

A leader is charismatic, people enjoy working and following such as leader. Even when they have to be strict and express their coercive power, their followers understand why they have to do so, their coercive actions are not observed as punishment; instead they are observed as motivation.

It is simple to classify a leader as a good or a bad leader. Work speaks for itself. A good leader will have work which is positive, work which creates opportunities and encourages positive outcomes. A bad leader in the other hand is represented by destructive work, which has negative outcomes.

Corruption is born when a leader make decisions which will benefit the minority instead of the majority. Democracy benefits the majority but it still affords the minority opportunities to succeed.

We are all leaders because we are all responsible of upholding the Constitution of our country. A vote for a leader which is not corrupt is an act of leadership, because following a leader which is corrupt is giving up your freedom.

“Ethical leadership has no room for corruption” – Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng  at the serious social investment conference.

This is the right time to use the Vodacom slogan; “Are you Free or are you Dom?”

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