Unusual beauty.

Disaster stroke when I was born. I call that moment of beauty a disaster because it was a moment when my programming began. I was programmed to do things in certain ways. Beauty would be learning how to do things my way from birth; however that is impossible isn’t it?
I grew to understand that I was robbed of a beautiful moment at birth, therefore I took it upon myself to find moments of beauty on a daily basis through rebellion. As much as I can, I try to do things in unusual ways so that I can afford myself the opportunity to learn. Doing things this way has allowed me to learn what I wouldn’t normally learn if I followed the prescribed methods. Even if I end up doing it the prescribed way, I get the opportunity to understand why it is the “prescribed” method.
I remember when I was in primary school my teacher used to emphasize that we should by all means be unique. Sounds simple enough however in a world were we are prescribed ideals in order to succeed in certain things. Uniqueness is quite a difficult thing to achieve.
After business school I had the option to choose between general management, human resource management and marketing management, because those were my three majors. I choose marketing management because I wanted to explore the world of brands. The best brands are original, and creative. For me to have the best opportunity to be authentic, I have to understand what it takes to be the best brand.
I found beauty in rebellion. It is beautiful because it is unusual, and that is what I found from the best brands they are rebellious.
It all started with me trying to steal my moment of beauty back, and it shaped my whole life. I am unusual because I am a rebel.
Botlhale • Mos 
I hate normal.​


IN THE TRAIN (at 5pm; during the rush)

Why the hell am I trying to do this? I have been living a good life doing what I love then I wanted to taste how the rat race feels like. 
I went into the the rat race for one day, as a Job shadower during an interview process, WOW it was hectic. Half way through the day I felt like I had been up and working for over two days. I was working so hard on someone else’s dream, and I noticed I have never worked as hard on mine, “why am I even trying to give up on my dreams?”. I thought to myself, “I can‘t live like thisthe thought of doing this for the rest of my life is more stupid than actually doing it.”
While I was in a train heading home, every station the train stopped at in the city everyone there looked like a zombie… they looked so tired and confused it was insane. You could see some of them force “who they actually are into these dead bodies they are walking in” by doing what they love as they wait for the train to arrive. They would read, listen to music or even have conversations with strangers just to get out of the “work mentality“.
My thoughts were running crazy. I had mixed feelings about being in this world (the rat race). I couldn’t see how it fitted into who I am, it was too much for me, I work hard but I dont feel like I am working because I enjoy what I do, to think I once wanted to be in the Race… when I was still in SCHOOL… Fuck no!
There is no freedom when you are living in a system which is not yours. Creating your own is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.
I decided not to be part of the race, I will stick to my decision because what I tried verified that the race is not for me. It was asking for more than I was willing to give of myself and it was not rewarding at all.
When I got of the train I started to have a panic attack, hundreds of people entering and existing the station just to rush back to their real lives. I started to sweat however the station is highly ventilated, I unbuttoned my shirt held on to the rail along the wall, caught the escalator out of the station and as I breathed the fresh air outside I decided… I want to live! 
Botlhale • Mos 
Recovering from a mind fucking experience.

Our only responsibility

My only responsibility is to be open and honest to myself so that I can reach my genius level. Each and every single one of us is capable of reaching a state of genius, and that lies in being true to who we are and finding our purposes.
Regularly we have to stop and think. Think about what we are doing; and how it is impacting our journeys. We live in societies which allow us to be derailed so easily. Regular meditation and reflection is imperative in keeping us focused on finding our true selves and living as those beings.
We can only be our best selves if we keep focused on achieving our desires. The people who achieve this state of self identity are capable of achieving a “God status”, it is only a God status because all other distracted humans don’t believe that they can’t reach such accomplishments, they don’t look for their true purposes. Hence these achievers are considered Godly.   
There is no such thing as Godly beings. A few people find themselves. They identify what they like doing and they follow through no matter what. By following through with a state of mind of succeeding, the chances of failing are very minimal. Even then you will keep working until you are considered Godly.
We all have one task, which is to be honest and open to ourselves. Through this discovery we have to keep our consciousness in being these particular humans. 
What is your purpose for living ?
Answer the most difficult question of nature by reaching your God status.
Deep in thought (reality)
Botlhale • Mos​

Summit & witness

When they reached the top they were breath taken by excitement. The accomplishment of summiting up Everest was beyond words. It is definitely the climax of any mountain climbers life or any other human who appreciates testing themselves against nature’s best. 

I watched “Everest” the movie which is based on true life events. The extreme weather conditions on that mountain is devastating and sometimes unpredictable. The climbers know about all the risks which they could face as they summit that mountain however they only have one goal and the passion for that goal outweighs all the risks associated with summiting Everest. 
Dreams are powerful, they are capable of possessing the human mind until they have been achieved. I respect people who participate in extreme sports because they risk every single thing including losing being with their families and their own lives just to succeed. But I respect the best of the best in those sports because as the rest slow down in the most dangerous situations they increase their speed, at that point they increase their risk and when they succeed they succeed in enormous amounts.
I enjoy encouraging people to follow their dreams and live them. The mountain climbers which summit Everest and extreme sportsmen allow me to express how great it is to succeed and witness yourself accomplish your dreams. They risk everything to live, and their perspective to life is what we can all use to achieve our own dreams. Most of us wont even lose our lives if we fail, we have the opportunity to try again and again. I honesty don’t see why we can’t all follow through on our dreams.
We live under so many risks, if we don’t follow through we risk never witnessing greatness and never feeling our ultimate happiness. We need to increase our risk by following through our dreams until we succeed, until we feel like we are in heaven.
Dreams come true everyday, because people follow through, there is no coincidence, or miracle we just need to summit Everest and witness.  

Botlhale Mos 



Being a champion takes courage, it takes constant hard work. Becoming a champion is a result of doing the same thing over and over until you perfect that particular thing. Becoming a multiple times champion takes endurance and perseverance. Not many people have the qualities of becoming a champion. “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did” – Newt Gingrich.

It takes consistency which is difficult to maintain. After winning the 2014/2015 NBA finals, the MVP of both the league and the finals Stephen Curry said “Signature moments are reserved for champions”. This applies in all aspects of life not only in sports. Work hard to outperform others over and over; and strive for excellence in everything that you do. One day your hard work will pay off and you will be capable of experiencing a “signature moment”.

  • Tiger woods
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Lebron James
  • Christano Ronaldo
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Roger Freder
  • Usain Bolt

Young or old, achievement doesn’t discriminate. The status of becoming a champion comes to those who want it the most and who are willing to achieve the status. Although just because one deserves to become a champion it doesn’t mean that the status is going to be given without work and actually taking it for you. The above mentioned champions play different sporting codes, their championship mentality separate them from the average players.

Mentality is what separates the champions from the average. Sometimes the reason why people don’t preserver is because the lenses through which they view life are on failing, not succeeding. Champions have a winning mentality even during low points of their careers. Tiger woods lost his position as the number one golfer during his sex scandals. Afterwards he was able to become number one again. Only a true champion can have the strength to achieve that.

If we could apply the mentality of becoming a champion into our own personal lives we can never be unable to achieve. It starts with knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life and doing it unconditionally. The benefits of finance and fame might meet you along your journey towards your desired success. What is certain through this mentality is that you will one day experience a “signature moment”.

Botlhale Mosito