I used to pretend not to notice however I did, I noticed every single thing. Damn for you!
I hate pretending, therefore I hate pretenders. I see people come with many different intentions. They come to stroke their egos, they come to pity and they come to benchmark. Pure intentions are very rare these days. I prefer straight forward people because they know what they want, and that allows everyone not to waste anyone’s time.
Just being real cause I am tired of pretending that I don’t notice, I studied and after analysing my studies I was left with a “heavy heart”. Blood is not thicker than water, all blood is water, and all water can be flushed away. My blood was conceived by “water”… so just imagine what I think Blood is to me.
Botlhale • Mos 
I flash away pretenders 



Why am I nice to you when you abuse me? Why am I nice to you why you live a good life because of me but you are refusing to pay your dues? Why am I nice to you while I am always thinking about you in the worst way? Why am I nice to you when you continue to do worse things to me? Why am I nice to you when love doesn’t exist between us?
I am nice to you because you took advantage of my vulnerability, you taught me dependence and I depend on you.
I am nice to you because if I don’t be nice I will suffer beyond how I am suffering now.
I am nice to you because I might be afraid of you, and I dress up my true feeling with love.
I am nice to you because you made me your slave and I can not think independently.
Well right now I need to stop being nice to you and learn how to be nice to myself, and live or die with the consequences of not being nice to you.
The worst thing that could happen to me is that I could die, and the best thing is that I could live. Right now being nice to you makes me feel dead… maybe literal death could be the beginning of my life.  
I cannot continue to be nice to you. 

Class is the new racism 

Borders of colour have fallen and they are continuing to fall all over the world. However at the same speed new borders are standing up to divide the human race, to deprive and restrict those outside certain classes. We have created the new racism and it is dressed up in class.
Resources are the key to everything in the modern world. And in the centre of these resources is money. It drives the global society, as it has the power to restrict people from movement, from food security, from water supply, from education, hygiene, shelter and everything else; because everything else also has a price tag.
Class has become the new unofficial form of discrimination. The best of everything is the most expensive and only the upper class can afford it. This is a form of discrimination because those who cannot afford cannot have access to the best of everything and they can not develop into “great” human beings who can one day work their way into the upper class. The system is trapping the lower class where they are and the consequences will punish future generations.
It is important that we act against inequality and redistribute the wealth because inequality is a tool of discrimination. It is a tool which creates extreme poverty, and “poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Ghandi 
Love… I can not say I love other human beings while I enjoy the best of everything while my neighbors are struggling to educate their children in a decent school., while they sleep hungry. I live in South Africa, probably the most unequal society in the world. A country with the worst societal displacement in the world. Black people here didn’t have to be moved to another continent. We were gathered into farms and the farms would have borders which restricted our movement. Our land was taken away from us by white rulers. 
Today apartheid is over, however black people do not own land to grow their own food, to store water, to raise life stock. To live. To own our land back we have to buy it back from the descendants of our rulers. With what should we buy it back with? We cannot afford to buy it back, it wasn’t even theirs in the first place. The constitution protects them because they wrote it. Black people in this country are basically trapped in apartheid structures. We are trapped in the lower class where we can not afford to have the best opportunities unless we indebt ourselves.
We are fucked up. We don’t love each other. We are the worst form of cannibalistic beasts which exist. 
Confrontation is the only way we can fight classicism. Give everyone the same resources and opportunities and let everyone decide how they want their future to look like. 
Freedom? Come on we are busy dreaming about things we cannot afford and there is no clear way of getting there. People work lifetimes to try and afford their dreams, and reality keeps slapping them in the face.
Act against classicism for the kids!
Botlhale • Mos 

The encounter


So the other day I was at my local fruit & vegetables store, and as I am selecting the supplies I needed, a young couple; probably in their late twenties walked towards me and greeted me with excitement. I smiled and greeted them. I then tried to continue with my shopping but they stopped me and I could see that they have something to say to me. I stopped once again and gave them my attention. With amusement all over her face the lady asked me “why do you do what you do on your blog?”.

With a shocked tone I replied, “you read my blog?”. Then she said “yes we do; we learn so much from you and we started believing that we can achieve anything we set our minds to”. There I was still astonished to meet strangers who read my work, love it and implement it in their own lives. I was really shock but excited, the guy then said “you still haven’t told us why you do what you do on your blog”.

After a moment or two I recollected myself and told them that I know a lot of people who have amazing big dreams, and they are not from privilege, however they work so hard and they are achieving their dreams, they took control of their own lives and live the way they want to live by achieving “impossible dreams”. However when I visit disadvantaged communities while doing community work I meet people who have given up, young and old. They sit around passing time day in day out, smoking drugs and stealing from people’s homes just to satisfy their addiction. When I am alone I think about how to help these people change their own lives.

I then started my blog as a community service tool which I use to motivate, inspire and teach people about being the best versions of themselves, so that they can achieve their own dreams and live the lives they dream about, not engineered lives.

I also told this beautiful couple that I was amazed by but the impact of my blog because I had this niche market I intended to serve, however the content interested people all over the world, and I realized that some people just need to be encouraged, and they easily continued working on their dream.

I realized that I was going on and on, but they were intrigued, and just looked at me. They told me that they didn’t realize that was the reason and the purpose of the blog. They thanked me again and said they will continue reading because it keeps them inspired to achieve.

As they walked away I thanked them for their support, and continued with my shopping. I realized that I was blessed to inspire, motivate and teach people. And it excites me that people have their own views and they teach me as well.

We are life boats to one another.

Botlhale Mos

Daddy issues


For half my life I lived without my dad, because he decided not to be around. He sends a text on fathers day and says, “hey son, I think of you and you will always be my son…”. Being a father is not about convenience. It is about being present and raising your children, grooming them to be respectable men and women.

That is a story of one person who exists without a father figure. however today a lot of children live in this way, they do not celebrate fathers day because they have never experienced a father’s love, or because their fathers left them.

Fathers are important to society because they teach what women cannot teach, they teach masculinity and values from a men’s perspective. It is unfair to place all this responsibility on to women, to let them raise children as single mothers. I should not be mistaken; single mothers do a great job, however it shouldn’t be like that because some conversations need a father figure.

A boy child. How does a single mother teach a boy child to become a gentleman who treats women well and a good father who raises his children in a good home? Some lessons are best taught from observation. A boy child should observe his father love his mother and observe his father raise him to learn these lessons.

A girl child. How does a mother teach a girl to be a woman who demands respect from her husband, when a girl has never seen a man respect a woman. Love within a family influences children to become responsible, respectable, caring and loving parents as well as husbands or wives.

This might sound prejudice to black people, however, black men have a generational history of leaving their children to be raised by single mothers. Townships and ghettos around the world have this history, which results in dysfunctional black communities. Men end up less empowered than women, because they do not have male role models in their lives. They are then absorbed by the corruption of the streets.

Black communities are dysfunctional because evey black person who succeeds leaves their community without looking back, to live in white communities. Black communities are full of single parents raising children. Generally a child from a family which consists of both parents is noticeable without them saying it.

This article is for the kids who grew up not knowing their daddies well enough to call them a father. It is to all the daddies who who left their families and forgot that they are fathers.

It is time that men take responsibility and raise their children without being forced to, because children need their fathers. And societies need responsible men to build functional communities.

Happy fathers day to all the responsible fathers; I salute you.

Botlhale • Mos

It’s a two way street.



We claim to know one another, and through this process we undermine each other based on the perceptions we create about what we think we know about one another. Disrespect is a form of rudeness.

I found myself working so hard to recreate perceptions which people made about me; no matter how hard I worked and no matter what I achieved people would still have this perception about me; they acted rude towards me and I felt disrespected.

I used to be so annoyed about this and thought that my efforts and the respect I give was not necessary. But I had a moment the other day. During this moment I realised that my opinion about myself was not included in the creation of this perception individuals have about me. It was like I am being bothered by a tabloid on TMZ. It hurt my feelings because these rude perceptions were created by people I know and people I interact with on a regular basis.

My character is simple, and that is something I will not change. I value my principles on integrity, kindness responsibility and truth. If one cannot live by these basic values I cannot afford to have them in my circle.

I stopped hurting. I chose to stop hurting, because it was wasting my time, and it was destructive to my life. I allowed them to continue creating perceptions about me; because that is all they will ever be. I allow them to treat me the way they want because they cannot understand me; but I will continue to treat them with respect and kindness. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” – Martin Luther king Jr. This is where I stand in principle.

I chose to live for myself, I chose a positive environment to exist in. I chose to work for myself and those who are interested in my work. I chose to be happy.

Many people suffer in the hands of people who are supposed to love and support them. People who are supposed to make an effort to understand who they are and the kind of perspectives they have about everything. Everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are; especially by those who claim to know you, call you a friend or family. If people do not respect you enough to do those basics; there is no reason to bother yourself about them… no matter who they are.

“When nobody around you seems to measure up, it’s time to check your yardstick.” – Bill Lemley

Botlhale • Mos