I keep wondering, “am I the only person who views society as robots except for those guys who create Sci-fi content?”. It is insane to me because most of what they create is actually happening in society, it is not futuristic or out of this world. Do people really observe the world they live in? I doubt it.
We are sold so much content through advertising, the internet and television. The terrible thing is that we are not choosing what to buy, we are buying everything. It seems like we are coded to behave in certain ways. Pop culture has really taken over the world.
I watched “irobort” the other day, and I saw the robots as human beings, one day we will all be commanded by one man, and so far it seems like Zuckerberg will be that man because he is coding us the best.
Ideas are sold to us daily through different streams of media and we buy them without thinking, the “bad” ideas are the easiest to buy because they look so “good” (fast food, porn, luxury, and insurance are just a few bad ideas). “Who ever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

Botlhale • Mos 
Just over thinking, maybe not.



The 27th of April is supposed to be a day which brings joy in South Africa, however as the years pass we realise that we were sold a dream which is not materialising the way it was sold. We are still living in a divided society, a racial society and an unequal society. We are fazed with more and more uncertainty as politicians continues to battle for power.
Well many of us have figured out that we are just pawns in an unknown game…
Oppression still exists, during apartheid they discovered a new way of exploiting people. Other nations in the first world were already giving their people freedom. Slavery “ended” while globalisation began. Globalisation is a more lucrative system which requires all human beings to work for currency, and then spend the currency so that the oppressors can make more currency because they own the system.
They offered us “freedom” however they enslaved us through the “class system” which is a restrictor to those who can not afford. It also keeps us working AND THAT ALLOWS THE OPPRESSOR TO BE IN CONTROL OF THE SLAVE.
CLASS is a system which is used to dilute society. A tool which is used to discriminate without being racist. Class has allowed oppressors to be invincible, it has allowed people of different races and different backgrounds to be represented in different classes. Today it is difficult to spot the oppressor because different people can afford most things which previously were only afforded by the oppressor. However most people still live in poverty… the slaves. The working class.
Class is just one tool, the main tool which the oppressor uses is EDUCATION. Education is a system used by the oppressor to up skill us in lucrative fields. A tool which qualifies us to be slaves which are a bit upper in the “class system”. This is a very dangerous tool because it locks your mind into one discipline and you become a title; meaning that all you can do is your title… BE A DOCTOR.
The education system has become very popular in the world to an extent that people believe that the only way to become “successful” is to be “Educated”. The truth is that it just allows you to play the game designed by the oppressor.
One other major issue is OWNERSHIP. when the previous form of slavery ended we didn’t own anything. We do not have land to live in, to farm, to store water or to develop enterprises. The oppressors dispossessed us of everything we had. Slavery lasted for a long time where we lost our knowledge of the importance and the value of ownership. This is how the oppressors continue to own us. We can not afford to buy so we lease and we take on credit. 
… A game which our government didn’t know or knew they were getting us involved in. They helped the oppressor sell us fake freedom. Many years will pass until we develop into kings, kings which understand the game we are involved in. Kings which will control their own fate and the fate of others who will come after them. Because what we are living right now is Fake Freedom.
We are slaves to the modern world. The Law, Business systems. Education and the need to have currency to survive. All we need to do is unlearn what the white man has thought us and learn how our forefathers lived. We need to become the Famer once again. WE BECOME THE BOER, WE BECOME WEALTHY, WE BECOME FREE AND WE LIVE!
Botlhale Mos 
Living in a messed up world.


The culture of Populism in the modern world 

This is how Trump won.
Populism is “the support for the concerns of the ordinary people“. Populists are usually the largest group in a population.
Populism is traditionally used by political leaders as a political tool to rally ordinary people to agree and vote for policy reforms which favour ordinary citizens, populism is being used differently today by the business world.
Populism drives commerce. It is used by business leaders to build brand love around their products and services. Entrepreneurs become captains of industries when they build the best brand love around their companies. Consumers get to a point where they buy the brand at premium prices instead of the quality or quantity of the product or service. Branding is a tool which is used to build a populist culture in the business world. It rallies people towards a brand and that allows certain brands to be more popular and more successful than others.
Almost all the time; popular brands are successful in commercial activities than their unpopular counterparts. It is a system which has proven to work in politics, in business and even in religion.
Building the best brand love results in success because people naturally want to associate themselves with a perception or concept of success, quality, class, style, taste and excellence. Building this brand love requires the entrepreneur to create a perception which would attract populists.
Christianity is the biggest and the most successful brand in the world, because the story of Jesus Christ has been packaged,branded and distributed better than any other religion in the world. The success of Christianity depends on its popularity.
Populism drives the world, everything is done the way it is done today to serve or exploit populists. Anything new is done with the optimism to change and Pioneer a new culture for populists 
How does a brand grow?



Purist V.S populist

What is more important to you? The quality of the art, or the fame which may come because of the art? What are you as an artist willing to satisfy? The art or the people? “You have to be respectful of popular culture, because people interpret it in the way they want ” – Jaleel White.

Ideally an artist would work on the craft, make sure that it is really good and that the people will appreciate it for what it is. And be optimistic that the art will be popular as it would be a great body of work.

Every person finds different things to be artistic. What art connoisseurs may believe is the true definition of art, the majority of people may not see the artistic aspect. I regularly define Art as the ability to imagine and create. This definition creates open ended Possibilities of creations, and it doesn’t allow anyone to decide what art can be.

This whole idea is more of a contradiction than anything else. Through the unlimited possibilities we have to assume that every piece of art was made with a pure intension  and it happened that the piece of work became popular. It is natural for any living creature to keep doing what works, and when one does that with a new form of work it is observed as a populist action. In terms of music; jazz was once observed as popular music, today it is observed as “art”. Over ten years ago pop music was a form of art which couldn’t be given a proper name, and it was decided on that it will be called popular music (pop music). Today dub step is whats popular and “pop music” is regarded as art because more than one artist has achieved amazing things recognised by the music industry through the art form, things like winning Grammy awards and selling out world tours.

This debate is based on understanding that time moves forward and everything will evolve in the process. Art is created with presently available resources, humans innovate daily, new technologies evolve art and some generations will always be left behind because of the lack of understanding. Art galleries are losing business because, “purists” are not willing to evolve. People moved from galleries, to graffiti in the streets and now we are on digital. It is becoming easier and easier to showcase work, and this is sparking debated about legitimacy of artists and their work. 

At the end of the day, every artist wants their work to be appreciated for what it is and they would love to be paid artists. Artists are the only ones who can decide whether they are purists or populists. This decision will allow an artist  to determine whether they will be alright with being underpaid or over rated. Although what an artist doesn’t want is to be underpaid and underrated at the same time because that will definitely mean that they are doing something wrong. The ideal position to be in is to be well paid and rated, and that is unusual.

Art is an expression of human feelings, these expressions are translated into physical objects, sounds, movements and visuals. For one to appreciate this art they have to compensate the artist because it takes time and hard work to to translate these expressions.

Popularity is a direct result of pure work. One can not start as a populist. They have to create work, which is original so that they can be recognized. Then one can become a pop culture icon.

Amadeus Mozart and lady Gaga; one and the same thing?

Botlhale. Mos