As I place my glass of bubbly down. I am totally convinced that being “Black” has nothing to do with complexion; it is a mindset.
Complexion was a default which was used to identify who to train to be “black” and who to train to be “white”. I literally would love to sit down and have a conversation with the architects of apartheid and American slave mastery. What they did was genius because it was social engineering which will forever place the “black” man at a disadvantage against his white counterparts.
All I want more than anything in the world is to use the same method to elevate my “black” people. This method of engineering is proving to have generational repercussions. And that is all I want for my people, I want us to win and create generational wealth, exactly the same way slave masters did; the only difference is that we will use modern technics so that it can be politically correct.
My people started being wealthy, they had everything life had to offer. “White men” came and made them slaves because they offered everything men had to offer. They worked for free as slaves, then the system changed, now they work for wages so that they can buy from their slave masters to make them richer. Today they are beyond poor because they owe their masters, so basically what are they working for? To pay debt? They will never pay it off, because they use their pension funds to get credit. These people are still slaves, they were just changed to employees and slave masters to employers to make everything politically correct.
 “Black” people are conditioned to work. Employment is a big trend today, and I want to engineer my people to remember their roots of being trades men and women. Work for yourself by creating your passion and trade it when you want something else like money. In that way you will never be poor.
Pablo Picasso painted his passion, today it sells for millions, Jay Z raps his life today his music makes him millions. He doesn’t even work, he is just living his life and records it so that we can listen to how he lives it. Passion doesn’t count as work because you could do it for free anyways. Why is Art so expensive? 
The only reason why they are called black is because there is no light in the brain, they are clueless about life and therefore they are living dark poor lives. 
What do you love? Create it and sell it the shit out of it. That will be the day you realize that you are actually “White” because everyone will suddenly treat you like a white man, and you will realize that you are actually living like one.
Think about this. The reason why I say “Black” has nothing to do with complexion is because everyone who owns the system they are in doesn’t work. There is no employee which spends the whole day in restaurants. There is no employee which spends the whole day in shopping malls and definitely there is no employee that goes on random holidays, because employees are working and when they are not; they don’t have money to do that shit. We wouldn’t observe that because slave masters are no longer just “white”. Class is the new discriminator.
As I pick up my glass of bubbles, all I can say is observe society, and do what you love.
Botlhale Mos 
Saw the traps and been avoiding them ever since.



The 27th of April is supposed to be a day which brings joy in South Africa, however as the years pass we realise that we were sold a dream which is not materialising the way it was sold. We are still living in a divided society, a racial society and an unequal society. We are fazed with more and more uncertainty as politicians continues to battle for power.
Well many of us have figured out that we are just pawns in an unknown game…
Oppression still exists, during apartheid they discovered a new way of exploiting people. Other nations in the first world were already giving their people freedom. Slavery “ended” while globalisation began. Globalisation is a more lucrative system which requires all human beings to work for currency, and then spend the currency so that the oppressors can make more currency because they own the system.
They offered us “freedom” however they enslaved us through the “class system” which is a restrictor to those who can not afford. It also keeps us working AND THAT ALLOWS THE OPPRESSOR TO BE IN CONTROL OF THE SLAVE.
CLASS is a system which is used to dilute society. A tool which is used to discriminate without being racist. Class has allowed oppressors to be invincible, it has allowed people of different races and different backgrounds to be represented in different classes. Today it is difficult to spot the oppressor because different people can afford most things which previously were only afforded by the oppressor. However most people still live in poverty… the slaves. The working class.
Class is just one tool, the main tool which the oppressor uses is EDUCATION. Education is a system used by the oppressor to up skill us in lucrative fields. A tool which qualifies us to be slaves which are a bit upper in the “class system”. This is a very dangerous tool because it locks your mind into one discipline and you become a title; meaning that all you can do is your title… BE A DOCTOR.
The education system has become very popular in the world to an extent that people believe that the only way to become “successful” is to be “Educated”. The truth is that it just allows you to play the game designed by the oppressor.
One other major issue is OWNERSHIP. when the previous form of slavery ended we didn’t own anything. We do not have land to live in, to farm, to store water or to develop enterprises. The oppressors dispossessed us of everything we had. Slavery lasted for a long time where we lost our knowledge of the importance and the value of ownership. This is how the oppressors continue to own us. We can not afford to buy so we lease and we take on credit. 
… A game which our government didn’t know or knew they were getting us involved in. They helped the oppressor sell us fake freedom. Many years will pass until we develop into kings, kings which understand the game we are involved in. Kings which will control their own fate and the fate of others who will come after them. Because what we are living right now is Fake Freedom.
We are slaves to the modern world. The Law, Business systems. Education and the need to have currency to survive. All we need to do is unlearn what the white man has thought us and learn how our forefathers lived. We need to become the Famer once again. WE BECOME THE BOER, WE BECOME WEALTHY, WE BECOME FREE AND WE LIVE!
Botlhale Mos 
Living in a messed up world.


Class is the new racism 

Borders of colour have fallen and they are continuing to fall all over the world. However at the same speed new borders are standing up to divide the human race, to deprive and restrict those outside certain classes. We have created the new racism and it is dressed up in class.
Resources are the key to everything in the modern world. And in the centre of these resources is money. It drives the global society, as it has the power to restrict people from movement, from food security, from water supply, from education, hygiene, shelter and everything else; because everything else also has a price tag.
Class has become the new unofficial form of discrimination. The best of everything is the most expensive and only the upper class can afford it. This is a form of discrimination because those who cannot afford cannot have access to the best of everything and they can not develop into “great” human beings who can one day work their way into the upper class. The system is trapping the lower class where they are and the consequences will punish future generations.
It is important that we act against inequality and redistribute the wealth because inequality is a tool of discrimination. It is a tool which creates extreme poverty, and “poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Ghandi 
Love… I can not say I love other human beings while I enjoy the best of everything while my neighbors are struggling to educate their children in a decent school., while they sleep hungry. I live in South Africa, probably the most unequal society in the world. A country with the worst societal displacement in the world. Black people here didn’t have to be moved to another continent. We were gathered into farms and the farms would have borders which restricted our movement. Our land was taken away from us by white rulers. 
Today apartheid is over, however black people do not own land to grow their own food, to store water, to raise life stock. To live. To own our land back we have to buy it back from the descendants of our rulers. With what should we buy it back with? We cannot afford to buy it back, it wasn’t even theirs in the first place. The constitution protects them because they wrote it. Black people in this country are basically trapped in apartheid structures. We are trapped in the lower class where we can not afford to have the best opportunities unless we indebt ourselves.
We are fucked up. We don’t love each other. We are the worst form of cannibalistic beasts which exist. 
Confrontation is the only way we can fight classicism. Give everyone the same resources and opportunities and let everyone decide how they want their future to look like. 
Freedom? Come on we are busy dreaming about things we cannot afford and there is no clear way of getting there. People work lifetimes to try and afford their dreams, and reality keeps slapping them in the face.
Act against classicism for the kids!
Botlhale • Mos 



For more than 100 years Black people in United States of America and across Europe were not allowed to perform on stage for white people. This culture was part of the segregation laws during the 19th and 20th centuries. White people resorted to paint themselves in blackface in order to introduce black characters into stage plays.
This culture started innocently as it was the only way to introduce Black characters, however it got out of hand when the “make up” was used to offend and stereotype black people and black culture. They used burnt chalk or black polish to create the darkest skin tone, and they would use red lipstick to create huge lips. They exaggerated the look to a point where these plays contributed to racial tension in the American and European societies respectively.
This taboo culture grew beyond stage, comics started drawing Black faced cartoon strips and television shows were being created (The black and white minstrel show). This meant that kids learnt how to be racist from early ages, and grew up to be racist individuals. Black face “art” was a tool which was used to allow segregation and racism to last longer. It was part of the American and the European cultures as they found amusement in offending African people because at that time black people were seen as slaves in society.
The civil rights movement brought black people together to fight against segregation and racism in all its forms. This included ending Black faced “Art”. 
Today we still see isolated individuals who find amusement in painting themselves in black face to offend. We have made progress however it will take a long time to eradicate the culture completely because it was built over a century. The people who found amusement in this culture are still alive, and who knows they might still be teaching it to their grand children today.
Racism is quite harsh, and it demoralises ethnic groupings of people. It is very important that we avoid using methods such as black facing people with the optimism of representing a different ethnic group. We need to use those people to represent themselves.
This hash culture of Black facing people had to happen, same goes for segregation; for us to know how it impacts society. Now that we know we should not do it again and we should teach about racism through these cultures which used to offend us as people. 
Black history month is a time to openly talk about these issues and build a racism free world. It is a time to teach the younger generation to avoid doing the same mistakes as our four fathers. It is also a time to teach current generations to live with each other with out being racially offensive to one another.
Botlhale • Mos

Women in leadership   

It is sad to see a smart, qualified and experienced woman be denied the opportunity to lead because of their sex. As much as patriarchy is a problem in our institutions, I should boldly stated that a lot of women are also not prepared to be lead by a woman. This is not a male mentality, it is a human mentality. Globally our societies need to open themselves to the idea of women getting into power.
Statistics inform us that we have more women than men, if women supported each other their chances of being in power would increase based on the numbers. Hillary Clinton lost an election to an inexperienced and unqualified male. Many would say there were many things which influenced that loss, however her sex played against her, because people have not been conditioned to be open to viewing the most powerful figure in the world as a woman.
 A few months ago my sister borrowed me a book called “Lean in”. This book discusses the the issues women deal with in work spaces and why most of them are not in strategic positions. It is an explicit book about women written by a woman. I found pleasure in reading this book because as an open minded person it opened me more to the idea of having women in Leadership positions. However as the author, Sheryl Sandberg states in this book “women should learn how to be willing to sit at the big table”. 
There are women who dream big, but when the time arrives for them to follow through, they take the back seat because there is a male competing against them. Then we have women who follow through and they are given a hard time by their their ignorant male counterparts and disappointingly by other women. 

Cultural stereotypes let women down. Matriarchy is possible. The British nation is being Lead by a Queen and she receives more respect than a lot of presidents around the world. We need to judge each other based on the value which we have created and which we can potentially create in the future. This election has sent out a message to another generation of young women that no matter how smart or qualified you are as a woman, a man will get the job. And that is a wrong message to send out to young women.
This election is bitter to swallow, however it has taught us a lot about our selves as human beings. We are not as open to ideas as we claim we are. Nor are we as modern as we think we are. We have a long way to go. We need to empower the girl child and teach the girl child to empower the girl child. During that process we need to teach the boy child to be open to the possibilities of being lead by a girl child. 
Failure affords us the opportunity to learn. I sincerely hope we will use this case study and scrutinize it and learn about the dynamics of our societies and the dynamics of leadership. 
Botlhale • Mos 


The Lowest class in my community 

 I went out for a tour of the Rustenburg RDP(Reconstruction development programme) settlement. As we were on this tour all I could feel was sadness. The people who live in these under maintained crowded areas are the primary workforce of the Rustenburg economy. Without them the city shuts down.
Rustenburg is a mining town, which means the majority of these uncared for humans live in these settlements. They walk to the mine, and do heavy duty activities which pays so little that they can not build houses for themselves. Most of them are from all around the country; they can not even afford to relocate their families. 
Literally these people are living in disastrous conditions. They live so close to the mine that their homes fall apart after few years due to the blasting which takes place in the mines. Sewerage pipes have burst out onto the surface and they are flowing as rivers along the streets. It is a health hazard because kids play around these sewage water, pets and livestock drink this disgusting water.
This reflective tour gave me an introspect into the lives of the lowest class of my community. The most important people in my community are treated with the worst respect by the government and by the mining giants which are not affording these people real decent lives.
Mining companies make billions of Rands from these mines, however what they do for these communities is not evident. Mines degrade land and they are surrounded by communities, these types of companies should do more than 1% of their annual profits. They should improve lives not work hand in hand with government to trap them in what they call “decent lives” (RDPs).
These profits should afford employees decent salaries, decent living conditions, decent education, decent recreational activities and decent healthcare. The profits can afford our communities these benefits in our lifetime, and still allow the investors to bargain in profits which will still make investment sense. 
I counted my blessings while I was on this tour because I realized that I may not be where I want to be however I am in a better place, and that I am in a better position to improve my live into what I want it to be. I had an opportunity to look with an eye of an outsider and still feel the struggles which these people are facing. I believe I can help bring change in these communities one way or another. One thing I am sure about is that I can inspire, motivate and teach the youth in these communities to aspire for more. To work towards those aspirations and to exit those indecent ecosystems.

With a broken heart 
Botlhale • Mos