Mentors I don’t need to meet.

Part of learning and understand industries we want work and succeed in is dependent on being mentored by someone who is in the industry and succeeding already. This allows us to ask the questions which bother us and get practical answers from someone who has already had some experiences in industry.
Mentors are people we admire because of their success and I believe in the 21st century we do not need to physically meet out prospective mentors for them to mentor us, they do not even need to know of our existence. We have social media to assist us in mentorship.
What are the odds that your dream mentor could mentor you in traditional settings? Almost impossible, however through social media we can be mentored by following them on their personal accounts or through media organisations which focus on following peoples lives. The best media organisations will be capable of interviewing our prospective mentors and they usually ask the questions we want to know about the industries we desire.
Some prospective mentors are active on social media and they share their journeys everyday, they even answer questions from their followers. My point being that we do not need to meet any one for any one to be our mentor. We can use social media as a tool of mentorship, because mentorship is a social activity if you think about it; most of the “celebrities” and famous people we follow on social media are people who inspire us and motivate us.
I personally learn so much from the internet, most of the things I learn there are essential to modern life in general however they are not taught in schools and universities because those things are life experiences. I think some of these experiences should be taught as case studies because real lessons can be learnt from those people.

My mentors don’t know me however they are doing great work in mentoring me because they have great YouTube channels.
Just using modern tools to empower myself.


It is not enough 

I got inspired and I saw it fitting that I should share these wise words with my community. As we are chasing our dreams we need to be in the right mindset so that we can achieve optimum results. Be motivated and share with others.
“There is no prize out there. The only prize is this one [points to self], and what you feel, and what you want to accomplish… 
I mean, to want and to be ambitious, and to want to be successful is not enough. That’s just desire. 
To know what you want; to understand why you’re doing it; to dedicate every breath in your body, to achieve… If you feel you have something to give, if you feel your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for, then there’s nothing you can’t achieve.
 You’re going to grow up with your colleagues. You’re going to watch them have success and watch them have failure, and you’re going to watch how they deal with it. And they can be as much a teacher for you as anyone here, or anyone who’s privileged enough to come here and speak to you.”
Kevin Spacey 

The liker of things

Whatever it is we like, enslaves us. Our obsession to have ownership of those particular things; makes us slaves to our desires to satisfy the obsession. 
Our obsession steals our happiness. We focus on having or doing these things we like and without them we observe live as an unpleasant experience, we become miserable beings which don’t appreciate everything else. 
There is more to life… obsession is a medical condition which needs to be dealt with as early as possible. However it is imperative that the obsessive individual admits to themselves that they are obsessive and they should be open to help, so that they can grow out of their enslaving obsession.  
… life is beautiful, the simple things are satisfying, but we are human beings. We always want more. We are creature of habit and habit results in addiction of whatever we are habited to.
There is a fine line between love and obsession. I have been trying to live a simple life for years, however I do not know what is a “simple life” is because I have lived in “urban” settlements all my life, I am exposed to the latest technology (technology…). However I have a deep hunger of living a simple life (rural and traditional), to disconnect from the modern world and live a basic real life.

Right now that is just a dream, I am too obsessed with technology, I am too used to the modern world, I am a liker of things… I am a slave to a world I don’t want to exist in. I wish my dream could come true, however it may not be pleasant because it is an unknown to me.
Botlhale • Mos 


A characteristic which is usually associated with children tends to be a more common characteristic for adults. At least children have an excuse because they hardly know anything, however adults; we just ignore a lot of things which we shouldn’t be ignoring and we appear naive, and sometimes stupid!
A few days ago I was listening to a keynote speaker at an event I attended, as this man narrated his story about the hardships he went through to achieve his perception of success, I was shocked about what he went through and that he single handedly achieved his dreams against poverty, homelessness, unemployment and more. As he completed narrating his hardships and achievements he said “I could have not achieved my dreams without the people who informed and gave me opportunities. They played a vital role in my life.”
My shocked face instantly got worse, my jaw dropped. He said “I cannot be naive and say I achieved my dreams without help, a lady at the city library informed me about a university, how I can apply for a bursary and the school. Without her I couldnt have went to school because I wouldnt have known“.
I realized that I have been very self centred, I have been refusing to acknowledge the fact that I didn’t get to where I am by myself. “I am not a self made man, such a thing doesnt exist“. Yes I took advantage of opportunities and some of those opportunities were given to me by someone else.
People tend to fall into the mentality of thinking that they are “self made“. It is an arrogant and naive mentality. Most of these people are people who went through hardship before they became “successful“.
This keynote speech changed my perspective, and it allowed me to appreciate what other people have done for me, and I will appreciate what is to come. We live in an ecosystem, and every dot connects.
If we can be naive about being appreciative and acknowledging the people who help us, can you even imagine how naive we actually are about our entire existence ?
Very appreciative 
Inspired by Frank Magwegwe.
Botlhale • Mos

Motivated but not inspired

I am stuck in between mountains of granite. I am motivated to do stuff, to work on stuff to create stuff, but the inspiration to do really cool staff is not there. The passion is lacking. I believe that if I cannot create my best work every time, I should not bother because I do not associate myself with mediocre. Indeed it has been a really long year. It has been a great year. And I think it is time to close it… a month early.
I read a post on Facebook the other day, and the person was asking; “why are geniuses suffering from mental illnesses ?” This question has been bothering me ever since.
I think a lot of people who consider themselves as geniuses such as myself, suffer silently from mental illnesses. We think of great stuff but we sometimes cannot complete the thought which allows us to create. We have these amazing concepts stuck in our brains, and we are unable to translate them in any way. We cannot even explain them to anyone in a way which will make perfect sense so that they can help us create. We need to learn how to stop, reflect and find new inspiration.
A year ago I diagnosed myself with depression, I had been suffering for six months before I diagnosed myself. I suffered for a further five or so more months. I chose not to see any doctor because they will not understand something I cannot explain about myself to myself. I therefore rehabilitated myself through finding myself and doing what I love. Depression has no cure, We manage it because it is very easy to regress and fall into a psychiatric state.
Therefore after sharing a bit of my privacy. I would like to stop and end my year early. For growth and reinvention, I need to stop and unlock myself. “If bread is the first necessity of life, then recreation is a close second” – Edward Bellamy 
With Love… Thank you for your support. Thank you for allowing me to motivate, inspire & teach. Please allow me to be motivated, inspired and to be taught so that I can come back and do what I love.


Women in leadership   

It is sad to see a smart, qualified and experienced woman be denied the opportunity to lead because of their sex. As much as patriarchy is a problem in our institutions, I should boldly stated that a lot of women are also not prepared to be lead by a woman. This is not a male mentality, it is a human mentality. Globally our societies need to open themselves to the idea of women getting into power.
Statistics inform us that we have more women than men, if women supported each other their chances of being in power would increase based on the numbers. Hillary Clinton lost an election to an inexperienced and unqualified male. Many would say there were many things which influenced that loss, however her sex played against her, because people have not been conditioned to be open to viewing the most powerful figure in the world as a woman.
 A few months ago my sister borrowed me a book called “Lean in”. This book discusses the the issues women deal with in work spaces and why most of them are not in strategic positions. It is an explicit book about women written by a woman. I found pleasure in reading this book because as an open minded person it opened me more to the idea of having women in Leadership positions. However as the author, Sheryl Sandberg states in this book “women should learn how to be willing to sit at the big table”. 
There are women who dream big, but when the time arrives for them to follow through, they take the back seat because there is a male competing against them. Then we have women who follow through and they are given a hard time by their their ignorant male counterparts and disappointingly by other women. 

Cultural stereotypes let women down. Matriarchy is possible. The British nation is being Lead by a Queen and she receives more respect than a lot of presidents around the world. We need to judge each other based on the value which we have created and which we can potentially create in the future. This election has sent out a message to another generation of young women that no matter how smart or qualified you are as a woman, a man will get the job. And that is a wrong message to send out to young women.
This election is bitter to swallow, however it has taught us a lot about our selves as human beings. We are not as open to ideas as we claim we are. Nor are we as modern as we think we are. We have a long way to go. We need to empower the girl child and teach the girl child to empower the girl child. During that process we need to teach the boy child to be open to the possibilities of being lead by a girl child. 
Failure affords us the opportunity to learn. I sincerely hope we will use this case study and scrutinize it and learn about the dynamics of our societies and the dynamics of leadership. 
Botlhale • Mos 


Brotherhood / Sisterhood 

A group of people who have a greater relationship than friendship. A brotherhood/sisterhood relationship is a relationship based on collective empowerment in all spheres of life. It is a constellation of stars which form galaxies of infinite possibilities of success in different spheres of our existence.   


Each and every person should surround themselves with stars which will brighten up their spheres. And they should not just absorb the light, they must be willing to shine back the light into the sphere.
Should I not afford my friend an opportunity when I have the capacity to do so, why should that person consider me as a brother or even a mere friend?

Friendship cannot be based on going out and sloshing ourselves drunk all the time. Friendship consists of a whole lot of dynamics which require you to ask for help should you need it in every dynamic, and for your closest friends to help you because you would do the same for them. 
I have noticed that a lot of people keep dead weight as friends, this dead weight slows them down from achieving their desired successes professionally and in their personal lives. Our closest network is our friends and our friends should understand that they should help us if they can and you should do the same for them.
It is sad that we live in societies where people are resistant to building brotherhood relationships with their friends. In high school our hockey manager used to tell us that he doesn’t want an individual star player because he is managing a team of stars. Good friendships which result in brotherhood relationships operate on the same principles, there is no room for selfishness and the desire to outshine your peers by huge margins. Every star in your galaxy should be able to shine individually.
My power and influence should benefit those around me. And if everyone around me has the same mentality we will become the sun in our galaxy. Real friends become your real family. Blood is made with water.
Sphere of supremacy !
Botlhale Mos