About Botlhale Mos

 I am a person who loves people and their stories, I admire entrepreneurs because I believe they are more sophisticated than other humans. Life should be as simple as possible because simplicity is the most complex thing to achieve. I am in pursuit of happiness and I am searching for a meaningful life.

I am a business strategist, and I run my own strategic marketing management firm (K2015) which services SMEs. I am passionate about growing small businesses and allowing them a fair chance to compete in the business environment. I focus on business development and marketing strategies

My mission is to develop the potential which individuals have and allow them to use their potential to become entrepreneurs in which ever field they desire. Dreams do come true, but some times people need a little help.

This site is aimed at allowing me to express my thoughts about what I find interesting.

I am a Dreamer, creator and I am alive.

I am Botlhale Mosito


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