The liker of things

Whatever it is we like, enslaves us. Our obsession to have ownership of those particular things; makes us slaves to our desires to satisfy the obsession. 
Our obsession steals our happiness. We focus on having or doing these things we like and without them we observe live as an unpleasant experience, we become miserable beings which don’t appreciate everything else. 
There is more to life… obsession is a medical condition which needs to be dealt with as early as possible. However it is imperative that the obsessive individual admits to themselves that they are obsessive and they should be open to help, so that they can grow out of their enslaving obsession.  
… life is beautiful, the simple things are satisfying, but we are human beings. We always want more. We are creature of habit and habit results in addiction of whatever we are habited to.
There is a fine line between love and obsession. I have been trying to live a simple life for years, however I do not know what is a “simple life” is because I have lived in “urban” settlements all my life, I am exposed to the latest technology (technology…). However I have a deep hunger of living a simple life (rural and traditional), to disconnect from the modern world and live a basic real life.

Right now that is just a dream, I am too obsessed with technology, I am too used to the modern world, I am a liker of things… I am a slave to a world I don’t want to exist in. I wish my dream could come true, however it may not be pleasant because it is an unknown to me.
Botlhale • Mos 


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