A characteristic which is usually associated with children tends to be a more common characteristic for adults. At least children have an excuse because they hardly know anything, however adults; we just ignore a lot of things which we shouldn’t be ignoring and we appear naive, and sometimes stupid!
A few days ago I was listening to a keynote speaker at an event I attended, as this man narrated his story about the hardships he went through to achieve his perception of success, I was shocked about what he went through and that he single handedly achieved his dreams against poverty, homelessness, unemployment and more. As he completed narrating his hardships and achievements he said “I could have not achieved my dreams without the people who informed and gave me opportunities. They played a vital role in my life.”
My shocked face instantly got worse, my jaw dropped. He said “I cannot be naive and say I achieved my dreams without help, a lady at the city library informed me about a university, how I can apply for a bursary and the school. Without her I couldnt have went to school because I wouldnt have known“.
I realized that I have been very self centred, I have been refusing to acknowledge the fact that I didn’t get to where I am by myself. “I am not a self made man, such a thing doesnt exist“. Yes I took advantage of opportunities and some of those opportunities were given to me by someone else.
People tend to fall into the mentality of thinking that they are “self made“. It is an arrogant and naive mentality. Most of these people are people who went through hardship before they became “successful“.
This keynote speech changed my perspective, and it allowed me to appreciate what other people have done for me, and I will appreciate what is to come. We live in an ecosystem, and every dot connects.
If we can be naive about being appreciative and acknowledging the people who help us, can you even imagine how naive we actually are about our entire existence ?
Very appreciative 
Inspired by Frank Magwegwe.
Botlhale • Mos


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