FEMINISM; the culture 

What was once a progressive movement has become a populist culture which has infiltrated the entire globe. The progressive dream is about to be achieved, the culture of feminism.
Feminism, defined as “the advocacy of womens rights on the grounds of equality of the sexes.”
A lot of ground has been covered in creating a feminist global society, however we still have societies which don’t believe in feminism at all. A lot of men and some women still believe that we live in a “mens world” were men should lead in all spheres of society and make all the decisions even those concerning women.
As much as we have covered a lot of ground, the culture is still far from succeeding because we live in an unequal society. We have problems which are ranked higher on the priority list than creating a feminist culture.
Early in 2017 we saw feminists take the streets around the world to march for the culture of feminism, in demand of equal rights in education, employment, political, economical and all other aspects in the social spectrum. It was a great display however was it effective? activism is not a once off action, it is continuous. People already forgot that they were marching for this culture to develop more rapidly. 
For the development of the culture to succeed, it needs to be at the top of social trends continuously, to force pressure on the system to change.
One concern I have with feminists is that they play the “feminism card” only when it suits them. A lot of women want to be equal to men in the office, but they do not want to be equal in the household. Such contradictions create a problem in successfully developing the culture. One big reason why men traditionally earn more than women is because men provide for families. Basic logic say that if women are going to be equal to men in the office, they must also be equal to men in the household and provide equally to the family. This is basic because salaries for men need to decrease so that salaries for women can increase and equal the playing field. However some women who have already been empowered by the culture of feminism and are equal to men in the office still feel that they shouldn’t be equal at home. That is one vital reason besides egos which men have, that will delay the progress in feminism. 
This culture is highly dependent on the attitude of women. They need to act like equals to men so that men can learn how to advocate for feminism. The continuous contradictory of women on equality is a major problem. Men are comfortable with how the world is set up, progressive women need to decide whether they want the culture of feminism to exist or not. If they do they need to define, teach and act the culture.
If we are going to be FEMINISTS; lets act like it, we can not have it both ways. The world is complicated enough.
Feminist ? Of course I am, we can not deny women opportunities to lead and influence in their desired fields of work just because they are women. They deserve as much as men do and they should be afforded as much as men are. 
We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back” – Malala Yousafzai 
Just a point of view on why this complex culture is not developing effectively nor fast enough.
Botlhale • Mos 


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