Breaking nonexistent rules

When you live around unsystematic people who are just like you but different; you soon realise that we do things which could be illegal when the system catches on. Our line of thinking makes us seem like we are against everything the normal world is working so had to make normal. We disrupt society, because we are the culture creators.
So called “normal” people live double lives and they have outfits which clearly indicates which live they are living at each moment of their lives. They have work suits which they wear when they go to their jobs. Then they have their “off work” clothes which they call normal clothes. On the other side there is us, the disruptors. We wear so call “normal clothes” all the time. One would ask whose normal in this scenario. 
Unfortunately systematic people have been programmed to see us as lazy, future less, and all these negative things, they don’t want their children to be like us. However what systematic people forget is that we create their lives. We create the technology, we create the fashion, we create the Art, we create everything they do or use when they are not in their work suits. We control the culture of the world.
But then again we are the ones who created the workers. Creators hire workers to commercialise the creations. We put them in work suits so that they don’t become us, because with out them we can’t be us. What we do is insane because they think they are playing us but we are actually playing them. We programmed them to think in a certain way so that they don’t oppose us, so that they see us as unworthy. 
It is the dynamics of the animal farm, however the day they realize that it is not a farm, but it is actually a jungle, they will riot because we have been breaking nonexistent rules. They will realise that they have been opposing us while we are the once who set them up for “failure” in our world.
Which world are you living in?
Don’t riot in the future because I am teaching you the truth today.
Between the lines 
Botlhale • Mos


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