Why are you not alive? 

Photo by Anatii 
Why do people want to fit into cultures instead of creating their own? 
Why are people afraid?
Are you afraid that you may not succeed? Or are you afraid that you may ?
Why are you obsessed with belonging within a specific group? 
Why are you afraid of accepting your differences ? Why do you change yourself to be part of a culture ?

Why don’t you teach people to accept you for who you are? 
When we were children we were taught that we are all unique… why don’t you live like you are? now that you are grown up?
Are you seriously going to die without being your true self? 
When are you going to learn how to think independently ?
If you were allowed to look the way you want and do what you love; how would you look and what would you do?

That life is possible! This life exists! 


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