Perspective of my mindset 

Different and unknown deserves to be explored, it may be innovative it may be a paradigm shift we have been seeking to solve or satisfy. Different can be good and we should not be afraid of it because it is unknown.
The only way the world changes is through the people who think differently, who explores the unknown and create these innovations.
Leonardo DA Vinci 

Sir Isaac Newton 

Thomas Savery 

John Harrison 

Benjamin Franklin 

Sir Humphrey Davey 

Michael Faraday 

Louis Braille 

Alexandra Bell

Rudolf Diesel 

The Wright brothers 

Tim Berners Lee

Steve Jobs
All of these men literally changed our lives and how we do things because they thought differently and they explored the unknown. That how we should view life. We should “think different” and explore the unknown in the lanes we are in and beyond.
Botlhale • Mos 


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