Women in leadership   

It is sad to see a smart, qualified and experienced woman be denied the opportunity to lead because of their sex. As much as patriarchy is a problem in our institutions, I should boldly stated that a lot of women are also not prepared to be lead by a woman. This is not a male mentality, it is a human mentality. Globally our societies need to open themselves to the idea of women getting into power.
Statistics inform us that we have more women than men, if women supported each other their chances of being in power would increase based on the numbers. Hillary Clinton lost an election to an inexperienced and unqualified male. Many would say there were many things which influenced that loss, however her sex played against her, because people have not been conditioned to be open to viewing the most powerful figure in the world as a woman.
 A few months ago my sister borrowed me a book called “Lean in”. This book discusses the the issues women deal with in work spaces and why most of them are not in strategic positions. It is an explicit book about women written by a woman. I found pleasure in reading this book because as an open minded person it opened me more to the idea of having women in Leadership positions. However as the author, Sheryl Sandberg states in this book “women should learn how to be willing to sit at the big table”. 
There are women who dream big, but when the time arrives for them to follow through, they take the back seat because there is a male competing against them. Then we have women who follow through and they are given a hard time by their their ignorant male counterparts and disappointingly by other women. 

Cultural stereotypes let women down. Matriarchy is possible. The British nation is being Lead by a Queen and she receives more respect than a lot of presidents around the world. We need to judge each other based on the value which we have created and which we can potentially create in the future. This election has sent out a message to another generation of young women that no matter how smart or qualified you are as a woman, a man will get the job. And that is a wrong message to send out to young women.
This election is bitter to swallow, however it has taught us a lot about our selves as human beings. We are not as open to ideas as we claim we are. Nor are we as modern as we think we are. We have a long way to go. We need to empower the girl child and teach the girl child to empower the girl child. During that process we need to teach the boy child to be open to the possibilities of being lead by a girl child. 
Failure affords us the opportunity to learn. I sincerely hope we will use this case study and scrutinize it and learn about the dynamics of our societies and the dynamics of leadership. 
Botlhale • Mos 



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