Loved & Loving 

Shades of Love

I must admit I am not one to speak about love, however I am feeling in love these days. The feeling is towards everything, everyone and mostly myself. It feels good, I am getting used to it.
There are two dimensions which are equally complicated. The first dimension is loving and the second is being loved. It then becomes easier to receive love than to give it; however giving and receiving is directly dependent on the other. 
Hearts break when we love and we are not loved back. Being loved includes not being betrayed, and giving our whole selves towards our lovers.
People take the love they’re given for granted, it is only a few who do not. Not taking love for granted is understanding what it means to lose love, what it means to not be loved and what it means to be lonely. Being loved is a gift, being loved is a blessing, but to be loved we should love.
Loving brings joy, loving can bring pain, however loving brings peace. 
Love is an emotion which clearly explains the human existence. All human emotions are created by the shades of love. Our greatest living experiences are based on love. 
Beyond love we can only find death. 
What is your definition of love? Search for it because your greatest living experiences are based on that definition.
Loved & loving 
Botlhale Mos  


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