Our only responsibility

My only responsibility is to be open and honest to myself so that I can reach my genius level. Each and every single one of us is capable of reaching a state of genius, and that lies in being true to who we are and finding our purposes.
Regularly we have to stop and think. Think about what we are doing; and how it is impacting our journeys. We live in societies which allow us to be derailed so easily. Regular meditation and reflection is imperative in keeping us focused on finding our true selves and living as those beings.
We can only be our best selves if we keep focused on achieving our desires. The people who achieve this state of self identity are capable of achieving a “God status”, it is only a God status because all other distracted humans don’t believe that they can’t reach such accomplishments, they don’t look for their true purposes. Hence these achievers are considered Godly.   
There is no such thing as Godly beings. A few people find themselves. They identify what they like doing and they follow through no matter what. By following through with a state of mind of succeeding, the chances of failing are very minimal. Even then you will keep working until you are considered Godly.
We all have one task, which is to be honest and open to ourselves. Through this discovery we have to keep our consciousness in being these particular humans. 
What is your purpose for living ?
Answer the most difficult question of nature by reaching your God status.
Deep in thought (reality)
Botlhale • Mos​


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