Summit & witness

When they reached the top they were breath taken by excitement. The accomplishment of summiting up Everest was beyond words. It is definitely the climax of any mountain climbers life or any other human who appreciates testing themselves against nature’s best. 

I watched “Everest” the movie which is based on true life events. The extreme weather conditions on that mountain is devastating and sometimes unpredictable. The climbers know about all the risks which they could face as they summit that mountain however they only have one goal and the passion for that goal outweighs all the risks associated with summiting Everest. 
Dreams are powerful, they are capable of possessing the human mind until they have been achieved. I respect people who participate in extreme sports because they risk every single thing including losing being with their families and their own lives just to succeed. But I respect the best of the best in those sports because as the rest slow down in the most dangerous situations they increase their speed, at that point they increase their risk and when they succeed they succeed in enormous amounts.
I enjoy encouraging people to follow their dreams and live them. The mountain climbers which summit Everest and extreme sportsmen allow me to express how great it is to succeed and witness yourself accomplish your dreams. They risk everything to live, and their perspective to life is what we can all use to achieve our own dreams. Most of us wont even lose our lives if we fail, we have the opportunity to try again and again. I honesty don’t see why we can’t all follow through on our dreams.
We live under so many risks, if we don’t follow through we risk never witnessing greatness and never feeling our ultimate happiness. We need to increase our risk by following through our dreams until we succeed, until we feel like we are in heaven.
Dreams come true everyday, because people follow through, there is no coincidence, or miracle we just need to summit Everest and witness.  

Botlhale Mos 


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