The puppet & the master 

We all love being free however amongst us there are those who love controlling others. These freaks enjoy pulling the strings; without the puppets knowing that they are being mastered.
Most people fall into a trap of becoming a puppet by falling into debt of some sort. Allowing someone to afford you, places you in a position where you jump; but you don’t just jump you also ask how high!
Freaks hate not being in control of someone, they hate debt free people, they hate not being needed because they feel powerless. I come across people who want to capture me by offering “favors” which I am not in need of. They present these “favors” as opportunities, which are actually traps with no long-term benefits for me; however for them it is an opportunity to tell me to jump if I get trapped.
A cake always looks delightful, but the true outcome of eating a cake is never delightful as it is bad for your health. When looking into opportunities and relationships, look at them as a cake and envision the long term relationship because you don’t want to see yourself fighting to loose weight after a short moment of indulgence.
In an ideal world everyone is good; however in the real world not everyone is good. “Watch out for snakes, because snakes are always watching you” – J Cole.
I can never be a puppet because I am a master. I have been saying this but people choose not to listen. I AM FREE. You freaks.
Botlhale • Mos 


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