Are you my Blesser?

A concept which has existed for centuries. A blesser is also known as a mentor.

We all want to grow in our fields of work, we want to be in positions which have more benefits, which will allow us to have influence in our industries and power over the people around us. This is why we want to climb the corporate ladder.
For us to be able to climb this ladder and be allowed to sit at the “big table” we have to be shown the ropes through grooming and someone advising us on how to handle our business. Someone with influence and power also has to advocate for us to be promoted to a higher level on the ladder. This someone is known as a mentor or a sponsor in the business world.
I come across so many people who are frustrated in their growth and the positions which they are serving in their work spaces. This frustration is created by the in ability to move up the ladder because there is a glass ceiling which needs a blesser to advocate for you to be on the other side of the ceiling.
Business has been conducted in this way since the beginning. The reason being that people do things to benefit themselves. We set people up for their desired success, in exchange for the influence we will have over them and to create a perception that we are personally good at what we do; to a point where we can make others good as well.
We live in hostile times, times where it is important to be good so that you can be recognized by a blesser to help you become a blesser to someone else. 

We cannot get far without being blessed, when the time comes and I ask “ARE YOU MY BLESSER?” you better say “Danm straight I am”. Because blessing me is blessing yourself at the same time.

Botlhale Mos 


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