Together we are stronger

“Living together” was the theme last night at the Nelson Mandela lecture”. I would like to reblog this piece called “Together we are stronger”, it gives perspectives in working together which will enable us to live together.

We are one.
Happy Mandela day

Botlhale • Mos

Theory says we perform at a more efficient rate together than when we are performing alone. We are able to do things faster and more accurately, well it is a theory. Some people do believe that they work better alone but if we look at most things in life it would be far more difficult to achieve those things if they were done by an individual. Take the pyramids for instance, today we are still not sure how the Egyptians were able to build the pyramids back when the technology was not available, but for the fact that they exist it means the technology was available. It required manual labor even though it was in a form of slavery it took unity to create such a wonderful peace of architecture.

“We’re all only fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make” – Jerry Ellis. To achieve greatness we have to…

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