When we are born, we enter the world with peaceful minds, we easily sleep with out any nightmares. Our beautiful minds are then easily corrupted by everyone around us, corrupted by fearful people.
When you ask a child about what they see themselves doing as adults, they tell you about what fascinates them and what they enjoy. We then influence them to want to be what we dream about. A child’s dream is then crushed because they want to satisfy the people they look up to, people who don’t see the dream as valid. People who are fearful of the unknown territory the child wants to enter. 
Fear is only a mental monster which we create to stop ourselves from achieving. Fear distracts us from seeing the end goal.

Negative surroundings filled with people who gave into failure create a society of fearful people. Failure needs to be translated into positive lessons which can allow us to achieve instead of being afraid to dream and try again.

Our minds are easily trained muscles they easily adapt to habits. We can easily tell our minds to stop being fearful, we can easily see opportunities out of our failures. We can easily have a habit of being fearless beings.

Being fearless requires being a believer, being a positive person who energizes themselves by dreaming the “impossible” and being faithful that you can achieve. It is constant positive vibes.
Fear is unnecessary because “every dream is valid” Lupita Nyongo. Be that fearless new born child and live.
“What would you do if you were not afraid ?”

Botlhale Mos 


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