Failing and still believing, standing up and trying again only to fail again and again. But still believing. This is the true essence of having faith.

When you have a purpose you want to fulfill, nothing will stand in your way to achieve this purpose. Life comes with challenges which try to prevent us from achievement. Ambition keeps our faith alive, it allows us to believe that we will succeed beyond challenges. We just have to fight.

Every human being privileged or not have ideals they want to create and live. The levels are different but they all have their difficulties. Ideas only come to existence when there is optimum desire to succeed. Humans are built to overcome any kind of obstacle another human being creates to suppress another.

Most of the time we suppress ourselves by thinking that we are still suppressed to achieve. We make excuses; and we reserve other ideals to certain groups of people. Some people are born in societies of none believers, societies of people who have never dreamt, created and achieved or failed. A society which has been engineered to be self destructive generation after generation. A society which has no faith whatsoever.

Faith is taught in religious institutions to teach people about endurance, patience and determination. It is a characteristic of a mentally strong human who can move mountains if harnessed successfully.

Hope and faith are twins they create an expectation of success and they bring a spirit of life. Without faith there is no constructive dreaming of success because faith goes hand in hand with action. “Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king” – Mark Van Doren

A positive attitude is required to be a faithful person.

Botlhale Mos


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