Standards are determined by the success of new ideas.

From an early age we are programmed to follow and agree to standards set by “experts”, we do not know how to be leaders and set our own standards. If we follow the same standards for a hundred years, that means we are a hundred years behind. So how many years behind are we from 2016?

Apple has been setting standards for years, the competitors copied everything from the look of their devices to their software. Until another company decides to innovate and sell better; Apple will continue to set standards. This doesn’t mean that Apple’s standards are the best there is in the tech industry, they just sell better for now.

Educational standards are gatekeepers, today most people believe that the only way to achieve their dreams is through attaining certified degrees from institutions. Achieving your dreams without these certifications is a taboo. This is what standards have created to the human mind. The reality is that people attain these certified papers but most of them do not get employment in the fields they wanted to get into; because jobs are not available to satisfy individual needs. People compromise their dreams to get employed to survive.

Certifications create the working class. And the working class consists of the middle class. What a trap this is.

Education is knowledge, education is not a certified paper. A person may attain knowledge and have a certified paper to prove it, but if that person doesn’t know how to use that knowledge, what use is that paper. Education can be gained inside a public library, the problem is that in today’s world that education needs to be certified.

Not following standards makes you a rebel in the eyes of the followers. Leadership is a courageous activity, hence being an artist is not for everyone because a characteristic of art is creating new work; and that is a standard by itself.

Benchmarking now exists in personal lives. People compete against each other, they cannot even create their own dreams, achieve them and live according to their own standards.

We can dream to be successful; but to be successful we need to create our own standards. We need to be the Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Michaelangelo in our own interests.

Standards are determined by the success of new ideas.

Botlhale Mos


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