Provoking peace.

I am not afraid of my thoughts, I was once afraid that the world will misunderstand them when I voice them out. Well I am no longer afraid.


The world is racist.
The world is sexist.
The world is stereotype about ideas.
The world is unequal;
Educationally, financially and in resource distribution. 
Religion is provocative as well.

These are facts, saying them out loud is provocative because the people who benefit from these provocations feel offended that the world is noticing the wrong they are doing. Feeling offended means that you are guilty of being an unfair person.

People who enjoy the benefits of being unfair, are used to the lifestyles which those benefits create. They are unwilling to give up the benefits hence they feel provoked.

I am provocative because I am not afraid of speaking the truth. It is offensive for a woman; especially a black woman  to know more than men and lead men in serious situations. It is offensive for a black person to be more wealthy than an average  white wealthy person. It is provocative to see a Muslim in American airports. It is offensive to see black people dinning in 5 star restaurants in Europe, dressed in retro fashion. It is offensive for a third world person to out bid a first world person in an auction for a Picasso. It would be provocative for black people to be more educated than white people.

All these circumstances are offensive to a lot of people but they will never say it out loud because they are provocative. Well the longer we avoid being provocative; the longer we will face racism, sexism, inequality and other social defects of our world. Be provocative so that the idea can be dealt with, until we all have the same mindset about the provocative idea.

I voice out my provocative thoughts with the optimism that they will influence people to be fair to one another in the future. These thoughts spark conversations, meaningful conversations which most people are not willing to engage in. World peace is depends on us having these conversations, and educating each other.

Botlhale Mos


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