Freedom of Sexuality


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A lot of women endure a lot of pain just because they are women, they do not enjoy the respect they deserve. Even if they can work very hard they will never have the opportunity of being opinionated, of making decisions and being free. They become slaves to the men in their lives.

At the same time a lot of men do not have the respect they deserve because they are not muscular enough, tall enough or because they do not earn enough money. They suffer abuse from the women in their lives. Their stories are not exposed to the world because it is “embarrassing ” to talk about it or report the abuse.

Society respects an idea which the majority of the people agree to. Sexuality is a topic which people consider to be controversial because they do not understand it in depth, or they will comment on it and offend the people misrepresented by sexuality.

Male and female, those are the only genders which are understood by society. Majority of society discriminate against Lesbians, Gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people. There are more than two genders, there are at least six, and this allows sexuality  to be complicated, but most importantly it allows people to choose who they want to be with without being discriminated against.

Traditionalist question this thinking or rather these feelings which people have about themselves. They consider the LGBT community as people who go against “God, ancestors” and all the different “higher powers” people believe in . The fact that we are human beings and the fact that we are intelligent enough to question sexuality; allows us to have a choice and classify ourselves the way we want.

It is a possibility that the men and women who abuse each other, do so because they don’t know who they are. Some of them do it because they demand power through abuse. The common thing about sexuality is that there is discrimination.

Today women demand respect and power, they demand equality. Yes men are more dominant in the world, but at the rate that women are demanding their respect and power the tables are just going to turn and and the men are the ones who are going to ask for equality and power.

Why do we want power so much?, and why do we use our sexuality to demand it?. Why can’t we leave the fact that I am a woman, a man, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender out when we demand power?. Creating an idea that a certain sex is oppressing another, inflicts confusion because it generalises. A lot of women have power even in traditional societies, but they chose not to use it. A lot of men have power but they treat women as equals. A lot of men and women recognize the LGBT community as equal human beings and they recognise that they deserve to have rights just as any other gender.

Animalistic behaviour is not a men thing, it is a mentally disturbed human behaviour. Women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people can also behave in this way. They are capable of assaulting other humans, they are capable of killing or raping other humans. All these people are capable of being unfaithful to their partners. According to stats; this behaviour might be associated with men, but not all men act in this way.

We are human, we have the freedom of choice, and this freedom includes the freedom to identify ourselves the way we want. To classify ourselves the way we want to be classified by society and to live free without discrimination and abuse from anyone.

My gender is my choice; I have the right to love anyone who is willing to love me back despite of their gender. I have the responsibility to treat them with the respect I want them to treat me with.

We are simply human, all we should do is live free and love one another.

In the loving memory of the Purple Prince.

Happy freedom day

Botlhale Mos


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