Our interests influence our choices in people we allow to influence us. We automatically desire to be the best at something; hence we idolize the people who we believe are currently the best at what we are interested in. We call those idols our Role Models.

We recreate ourselves to be similar to these people. They influence our thinking, our ideas and our perceptions of success. We see ourselves in them, they create standards which we want to recreate.

Artists are common influencers to the majority of us. They  influence the world with a better reach and impact because they have conscious minds. They are living their dreams. This reach makes them more powerful than presidents because they can influence a vote. They teach, they inspire and they motivate through their work. Businesses are selling their products by associating with artists because of their reach and impact; because people want to be like them.

People do not start of by wanting to be role models, they only realise this when they have followers which are influenced by them and their work. Maybe it is time that people start to be conscious of themselves and the work which they feed the world, because the last thing we want is to promote behaviour which is destructive. We want to improve humanity.

Be interested in something, allow a role model to inspire you, desire to be the best, work hard to recreate the standard and be a role model.

We do not choose to be role models; people choose us.


Botlhale Mos


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