Ethical Leadership


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Good Leadership is a characteristic of integrity. A leader will always do the right things no matter who is observing. The difference between right and wrong can be noted from the feeling you get after doing an activity.

Truth to yourself and to your followers represents the integrity you have as a leader. A truthful person will not twist laws to suit them. They will unconditionally admit when they are wrong; and they will rectify their mistake without being forced to.

A leader is charismatic, people enjoy working and following such as leader. Even when they have to be strict and express their coercive power, their followers understand why they have to do so, their coercive actions are not observed as punishment; instead they are observed as motivation.

It is simple to classify a leader as a good or a bad leader. Work speaks for itself. A good leader will have work which is positive, work which creates opportunities and encourages positive outcomes. A bad leader in the other hand is represented by destructive work, which has negative outcomes.

Corruption is born when a leader make decisions which will benefit the minority instead of the majority. Democracy benefits the majority but it still affords the minority opportunities to succeed.

We are all leaders because we are all responsible of upholding the Constitution of our country. A vote for a leader which is not corrupt is an act of leadership, because following a leader which is corrupt is giving up your freedom.

“Ethical leadership has no room for corruption” – Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng  at the serious social investment conference.

This is the right time to use the Vodacom slogan; “Are you Free or are you Dom?”

Botlhale Mos



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