You are gambling with your life!


Uncertainty is the worst position for one to find themselves in. It is imperative to calculate the odds of succeeding or failing. Probability will show the state of uncertainty and will allow one to make calculated decisions.

Life decisions are just like gambling. If you play slots; the odds of you wining are low, but if you play black jack you can calculate your odds of wining, you can actually play the game. If you play the roulette and make a colour bet, it’s either the ball is going to fall on red, or black spot. You have a 47.5% chance of wining. This is less of a gamble than playing slots.

The point in this is that it is imperative to make calculated decisions based on the probability of wining. Understanding the consequences of what will happen if you lose and if you win will allow you to make decisions based on low or high probability. This will allow you to understand your risk and reward.

It is simple math, however it is complicated for a lot of people. Understanding probability will place you in a better position to succeed. And just like gambling it is important to have faith in your decisions; because even if you have a 2 in 3 chance of succeeding you still have a 1 in 3 chance of failing.

Life is never really (100%) certain. However it is always better to know your probability when making a life changing decision. Life is not meant to be lived as if you are playing slots. Sharks are always waiting to take advantage of their pray (you).

Research and constructive thinking allows one to know more about an activity. Casinos make money based on the laziness of people. People are lazy to study simple math, and they fail to use their common sense. I say this because if people were not lazy and if they used the study of probability there would be less people sitting on slot machines and more playing black jack and roulette. (Don’t forget that counting cards is not illegal; it’s just frowned upon)

Are you gambling each time you make a decision or are you making sure that you understand the degree of the situation you are in? Learn simple math, in particular learn the study of probability, it could just change your life through your decision making process.

“Life is a school of probability” –  Walter Bagehot

Botlhale Mos


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