The Rotten Cape Grape


A view from the road.

While the earth destructed itself from within, it created the magnificent Cape fold mountains. Today these mountains are fertile and they create the perfect weather to grow the world renowned cape grapes. These vineyards are owned by a few farmers. It is surprising because these few people control the economy of the western cape.

A lot of the people who live in the Western cape, work in these farms. The farm owners pay very little wages to the workers. The workers live in small congested  communities; their shacks are built  with dangerous scrap metal. The community  is smaller than one square kilometer per isolated community. Those small areas have a small school, a shop, a church and a foot ball ground. Some of these communities don’t have access to water and electricity, which means they have to walk to the farm and steal water. Just to emphasize the exact state of poverty of these areas. The farm owners live in huge isolated farm houses which have all the resources needed to live a modern wealthy lifestyle. This point  expresses how all the power of this big province is given to a few families.

The state of poverty in the small communities will never allow the people who live there catch up to the farm owners, they will never have the opportunity to make their own wealth because the land resources are not for sale,  even if they were to be available for sale, the people there wont afford to buy the land. The option of being educated and creating wealth from what you would learn in a university  is also unrealistic, the schools in the small communities are underdeveloped, it becomes very difficult for the kids there to pass the national exams to allow them to qualify to study at a university, community college or any other further education training institution.

Why is power given to a few farm owners, to control everything including the desperate Labour market; which would work for almost nothing just to access the farm, steal the grapes and sell on the highway?

I love wine, millions of wine lovers live far away from the farms, we hardly see the areas which produce this amazing drink we love. Seeing these areas is a sickening experience in beautiful land scapes.

This is a modern form of slavery. A perception is created by the farmer (slave master) that the workers (slaves) are free. The workers are allowed to do anything, but what can you really do when you do not earn enough to leave the small community? These people are trapped by their wages.

We support the wine and grape industry. These products are positioned as luxurious products around the world because they represent a sophisticated lifestyle. But these products are produced by people who are forced by their circumstances to be “humble people”. Farmers are literally kings of small communities.

Land distribution is an imperative topic of discussion. People should have a decent piece of land to create their own wealth. The Western Cape vineyards should be distributed to many other people to reduce the poverty and wealth gap. Communities should not be colonised by families; because it is soon going to be a game of thrones where farmers buy each other out until one family rules the whole Cape Vineyard.

A war is hidden behind the beautiful landscapes. Peace doesn’t go hand in hand with capitalism.

THE BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION – The Cape grape was created due to the destruction which created the Cape fold mountains. The Cape grape created a destructive lifestyle for human beings. The Cape folds never stopped  destructing.

Live simply, expose your mind and you will never be colonized by human systems.

The Cape grape

A view from the road.

Botlhale Mos


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