Possibilities through small steps


The reality which we are living with is that the global inequality gap between the rich and the poor is huge. Starting up an enterprise with funds available is a privilege only experienced by the wealthy; however this fact should not discourage the poor. It should fuel them to want to achieve more than the privileged individuals. There are many ways of skinning a cat, no matter the circumstance.

The problem with privilege is that money allows you to make gigantic steps when starting something like an enterprise. There are lost opportunities through that process; opportunities such as learning about the business and the industry which you are working in. Decisions are made without market experience and everything is based on trial and error. Entrepreneurship is an experience which is based on continuous learning, and privilege deprives that experience.

The opportunities which originate with coming from an unprivileged background are that you get to learn, you build relationships with suppliers and customers, and these relationships will grow with your enterprise. The exchange of information through time between you, your suppliers and customers allow you to create a product or service which will have a better chance of success when your business moves into mainstream operation for the masses.

Small steps allow an entrepreneur to fail. Failure is an imperative component of success because it allows you to learn from the previous decisions; this lesson will allow you to have a track record of things which work and which don’t with less liability. This is a privilege which is experienced by the unprivileged entrepreneurs through taking small steps towards their desired success.

The most successful organizations of the world did not start in the position of privilege; Apple, Mac Donald’s, Facebook and Coca cola just to name a few. These organizations started small serving micro markets; today they are giants in their industries. This observation shows that continuous organizational learning is imperative for long term growth and success in business. We look at coming from a disadvantaged background as a curse however it is a blessing in disguise when it comes to successful entrepreneurship.

“A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault” – John Henry Cardinal Newman. Starting small is a viable option in business. Waiting and complaining will not allow us to achieve our desires. Calculate your risks and leverage the outcomes in your favor, then start and preserver. Entrepreneurship is a journey which requires patience, the success of an entrepreneur is leaving a legacy which humans will continue expanding years beyond your time on earth.

Walt Disney

Steve jobs

Ray Kroc

Botlhale Mos.



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