Being independent is being in a position where you are not relying on, or affected by something or someone else. Independence is a sense of true freedom, because you are able to fully control how you want to live your life. All the variables are dependent on you.

Self-sufficiency in terms of money is highly imperative for one to be independent. To control your life, you should not be dependent on someone for money because people only spend their money on someone if they have something to earn from affording you. Your independence will completely be dependent on you affording your decisions. Money is an imperative variable.

Space plays an important part to independence as well. It is important that one has their own household when they want to experience true freedom of independence. Your house your rules; it is a simple rule which parents use to make sure that their children follow their household rules.

The state of independence is a lonely place to be at, although you experience true freedom. Once a human experience independence they start to look for someone to be in a relationship with because they don’t want to experience loneliness. A relationship takes away an individual’s independence because once a human is in a relationship they make decisions which impact more than one human.

My view to independence is that we seek to stop depending on certain humans, only to start depending on others in new ways. Only a few humans are capable of allowing them to experience true freedom through independence. Life is interlinked and it requires dependency to grow. The transition of independence starts with an individual being dependent, then independent and it ends with them being dependable to someone else. It is life, it is a full circle.

Botlhale Mos.



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