Instinct, intellect, intelligence, intuition

Our ability to understand allows us to be better beings. Throughout the evolution of humans we have created ways to improve our understanding of concepts, which has allowed us to be better creatures than the average. Intellect is a natural characteristic of any living creature, but the capacity which humans have is a privilege only enjoyed or abused by human beings.

The thinking power of the mind develops through training; and the basic concept of school is to create programs which can train and develop our intellect to be powerful beyond measure. How do we decide that certain programs are capable of achieving this goal? We place our hopes on educational experts which are trained in educational studies. But it doesn’t seem like all educational institutions have the basic understanding of why we have schools. It is a basic need which all humans should have at the same cost with the same result. It should not be a privilege for wealthy humans. The challenge is to create an understanding that elaborates the concept of education, and then it is followed by the challenge of funding all schools to allow the same privilege of learning to all humans equally.

We have an imbalance of intellect in the world, this is a problem because it creates social problems which are more and more becoming impossible to solve. Through education; a lot of social problems can be solved. New problems will be created with a better success rate of solving them through the amount of intellectual people which could exist.

The thought of a super human race through intellectual capabilities creates a new evolution within the human universe. The thought is fictitious today but it a possibility of the future. We as humans are the only obstruction to this possibility. The systems which we have created are preventing this from happening; systems such as politics and economics. Intellectual advancement started in Africa; however Africa is the least advanced intellectually, and this reflects through social problems which Africa faces.

It is highly possible that some children are failing in school because they are more intelligent than their teachers. This can happen in underdeveloped areas. Children are becoming more intelligent because of the availability of knowledge through different streams. Children learn the things which their educators are trying to teach them in different ways which the educators are not aware of. The lack of knowledge by the educators would then allow the children to fail under those unfair circumstances. Education is a coin, one side is the teacher and the other is the student; what makes them one is the capability of both to be intelligible to each other.

The imbalance of intellect is what will create a new human being. This human will be more advanced than the average human, they will ultimately look different. This advancement will leave us (the current human species) behind, and this new species will be the new “human being”.

Evolution through intelligence.

Botlhale Mos.



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